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CEO's review

(From Q4 2016 Interim Report)

CEO Veli-Matti Mattila:
Best-ever year again for Elisa

Elisa's competitiveness and result continued to strengthen, despite the challenging situation in the general economy. The revenue and earnings in 2016 were the best ever. Earnings improved thanks to growth in the mobile service revenue and investments in the productivity of Elisa's operations. The acquisition of Anvia's telecom, IT and entertainment services also had a positive impact. The integration of Anvia and Elisa's operations has progressed well.

The convenience and speed of use increased the appreciation of mobile and fixed network broadband subscriptions among consumers, corporate customers and public sector organisations. The number of fixed network broadband subscriptions grew by 61,000, while the base of mobile subscriptions declined by approximately 46,000 during the year. The unlimited data pricing model, increasing use of video services, and investments in the expansion of the 4G network have taken Finland to the top of the world in the use of mobile data.

We introduced several new services and types of content for our consumer customers. Elisa Viihde's popular series Downshiftaajat continued in December, and the season's number of viewers tripled in comparison to the first season. A new original series, Suomen Konttori, is set to begin in February this year. The Watson TV service released a new TV application for Android. We were also the first reseller in Europe to introduce OnePlus phones to consumers and entrepreneurs.

We are strongly involved in the development and digitalisation of Finnish society and the operations of Finnish companies. Elisa's open development and service platform, Elisa IoT, received international recognition. In the Elisa Innovation Challenge competition, Elisa presented the prize to an energy self-sufficient positioning and smart lock solution. In addition, Elisa introduced a new service model for the business sector that allows employees to influence the choice of their company phone by paying part of the costs themselves.

We develop our networks systematically. We broke the world record in Finland's fastest 4G network by achieving a speed of 1.9 Gbit/s, and we were the first operator to test 5G in Finland and the first in the Nordic countries to test the 700 MHz frequency, of which we won 2×10 MHz slot in the auction. This frequency improves the coverage and capacity of the mobile network. In the fixed network, we tested, among other things, technology, which allows for speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s in the current fixed broadband network in areas of SDU buildings and old MDU buildings.

We invested actively in providing jobs for young people. In cooperation with its subsidiaries and temporary work agencies, Elisa hired 200 young people for summer jobs. We aim to help our customers in the digitalising world, we produce content that increases the convenience of customers online, and we continue to organise popular digital schools for schoolchildren. ShedHelsinki, a musical theatre initiative with a focus on diversity, was realised at Elisa's initiative.  

We focus on the systematic improvement of the customer experience and our operations. Improving our productivity, developing digital services for our customers and maintaining our strong investment ability create a solid foundation for competitive operations in the future.