Carbon footprint and energy efficiency

Elisa creates significant emission savings. Elisa's carbon footprint (Scope 1 and 2) has decreased by 70% compared to 2014. The sourcing of renewable energy in Finland and Estonia had a significant impact on the reduction of our carbon footprint. We also invest in energy efficient network. The greatest savings were achieved through more energy efficient and less carbon intensive data centres, as well as with the mobile office culture such as teleworking and online meetings.

Our data centre in Espoo is one of the first in Finland to use heat loss energy. The solution makes it possible to fully utilise the heat energy generated by data centre servers for district heating in the region.

In the radio network, the energy efficiency of base station equipment is improving and energy consumption per data transferred decreasing. However, overall consumption has simultaneously increased. The most significant factor in this is the increase in the overall number of base stations and data transferred.

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