Stakeholder dialogue

Our most important stakeholders are our personnel, customers, owners, social operators1) and partners.  Stakeholders are reviewed annually in Elisa´s corporate responsibility management team as a part of materiality assessment. Active stakeholder dialogue is an important part of the daily development work of Elisa’s business operations and corporate responsibility. We engage in active dialogue by means of regular surveys and various studies.

The commitment and wellbeing of our employees is one of the cornerstones of our business. We measure personnel satisfaction with a scorecard, and we engage in continuous interaction with our employees.

Dialogue with customers and continuous improvement of our understanding of our customers are at the core of our business. Customer orientation is one of Elisa’s values, and customer satisfaction is one of the most important scorecard metrics.

As a listed company the objective of Elisa's financial and investor communications is to support the process of establishing the correct value of Elisa's shares by providing the capital market with sufficient, accurate and up-to-date information about the development of the company's business, its strategy and its financial position. Elisa's centralised IR function manages contacts with investors and analysts.

Director of public relations is responsible for development of public relations. We operate as expert representatives in organisations and actively participate in discussions within them. In addition, we influence the development of society through statements and other  activity. Elisa has significant memberships in the following organisations, among others:

  • Confederation of Finnish Industries EK
  • Finland Chamber of Commerce / Finnish Chambers of Commerce
  • Service Sector Employers’ Association PALTA
  • Confederation of Telecommunications and Information Technology (FiCom ry)
  • TIEKE Finnish Information Society Development Centre
  • Finnish Quality Association
  • Finnish Direct Marketing Association
  • ICT Producer Co-operative
  • Environmental Register of Packaging PYR

In our marketing we comply with both marketing legislation and  industry guidelines and ethical best practices. The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority supervises and provides guidelines for marketing in the industry. Our customers have the right to opt out of direct marketing. Telemarketing is regulated by Consumer Protection Act, the Personal Data Act and certain special acts, including  guidelines and regulations from the authorities. Elisa's subsidiary Enia is responsible for Elisa's telephone sales service. Its quality monitoring ensures that the agreed regulations are complied with.

Our stakeholders can report breaches of the Elisa Code of Conduct. The cases are investigated using processes in place. We address violations of the Code by appropriate means. Stakeholders can ask for advice or report violations of the Code, also anonymously, to Elisa’s internal audit, Elisa’s Legal Services or by sending an email to In addition Elisa employees can report violations to their supervisor or to HR helpdesk.

1) Social operators include the authorities, officials, politicians, NGOs and other organisations, as well as research organisations. External stakeholders are examined from the point of view of both customers and influences in society.