Extensive network and services

Utilising digital services requires a fast and reliable nationwide network. Accordingly, the majority of our investments in 2015 were also directed towards improving the functionality of the mobile phone network and extending its accessibility. Our task as part of Finnish society is to ensure comprehensive and reliable mobile and data communications connections. We also play an important role in securing operational reliability in society.

We are bound by the universal service obligation set by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. Universal service means the right of consumers and companies to receive an affordable and faultlessly operating telephone subscription and a 1 Mbps broadband connection to their home or the business premises of their company in Finland. Elisa has been designated as a universal service provider in certain areas in Finland.

We measure the coverage and availability of our network through a population coverage indicator. We also monitor the independent study by ECE Ltd on the coverage of operators' networks in Finland. According to its results, our 4G network is comprehensive and fast. More information is available at http://elisa.fi/vertaaverkkoja/ (in Finnish). 

We prepare in advance for disturbances and proactively collect up-to-date information from our network service, analyse it and perform the necessary fault repair measures before a disturbance arises. Disturbances and changes may be followed in our disturbance map service (in Finnish).

We improve continuously the usability and ease of use of our services. Our customer base is diverse, and, accordingly, we extensively include in testing all kinds of customer groups.

Elisa has service for families (in Finnish) on our website to support digital parenting. You can download the Help Some application provided by Save the Children Finland, that provides support for the problems of childern and teenagers.