We source a great deal of services, materials and devices from external providers every year. We aquire network and data system equipment or phones primarily from well-known international providers. Services are typically local, but also include support and development services delivered from abroad.

We are committed to responsible sourcing, delivery chains and supplier networks, and require that our suppliers comply with the same ethical principles to which we are committed. The principles of responsible business are listed in the Elisa Code of Ethical Purchasing (updated 2016) which is based on international labour standards in the ILO conventions
• the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
• the United Nations' Guiding Principles for Business and Human rights  
• the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child.
• compliance with laws and standards in the countries of operation.

We primarily source from within the EU and only a fraction of our sourcing is directly imported from outside the EU. When selecting new suppliers from outside EU from 'high risk' countries, passing the audit is part of the selection criteria.

Supplier cooperation is an important part of sourcing and its steering. We have agreed with our major suppliers on steering groups, which monitor and steer activities and agree on best practices. We also aim to learn best practices through our supplier network.