Responsible employer

Elisa’s operating environment is continuously changing. Digitalisation influences what we do and how we do it, our tools and working environment, as well as management.

We employ approximately 4,300 professionals in Finland and internationally. The basis of our company performance results from the competent and agile personnel's contribution and their well-being. Daily management, clear goals, modern tools together with flexible ways of working increase meaningfulness and productivity of the work.

Continual improvement is in core of our operations. We develop way of working and our processes in several development groups led by process owners. All of our employees are entitle to participate to the development work.

Active cooperation with universities and academic institutes is important part of our capability development and responsibility.  

Daily management and development discussions held twice a year between supervisor and employee are vital elements in our Elisa way of leadership.


Our employees and subcontractors have the right to work in a healthy and safe working environment. They are obligated to take responsibility for the development of working community.  Elisa’s HR department is responsible for development of well-being and health and safety operations. Working environment committee coordinates work of occupational health and safety.

We have a zero ­tolerance to all forms of workplace discrimination. Elisa employees and our partners have duty to report  breaches against this principle.   

We keep track of our performance in equality and diversity with quarterly employee satisfaction surveys and annual equality survey.   We support gender and diversity equal career development. 

Early intervention is an essential part of Elisa’s daily and well-being management. It supports  Elisa’s personnel strategy and business goals. Systematic, correctly timed and correctly targeted cooperation in the different sectors of health management guarantees that employees of all ages remain capable of working and increases the personnel’s value in the labour market.

We have put emphasis on employer responsibility also in organisational or business transformations. Personnel is invited to take active collaborative participation to the change process. Change planning process is launched every time when the business must undergo transformation that requires cooperation negotiations that affect the number of employees, job descriptions or other key factors related to work. This operating model clearly exceeds the requirements of the Act on Cooperation within Undertakings in Finland.

If there are no positions for personnel in the renewed organisation, we start replacement program together with partner and personnel. The purpose is to support  personnel to find new position or to find re-education possibilities.

We do regular cooperation with other industry players to improve our own and common industry occupational health and safety.

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