The perfect travel companion for visiting Europe

YouropeSIM is a mobile internet SIM card that works in 25 countries in Europe. There's no contract, no roaming fees, and it’s easy as pie to top up. Check your location in Spain, your social media in Italy, your nearest restaurant in France or your weather just about anywhere. Take the internet wherever you go, you will enjoy the journey to the fullest!


How it works

  • Coverage of 25 European countries
  • No flat rate, no contract
  • 3G internet, ready-to-use
  • Up to 21 Mbit/s
  • Prepaid value valid for 14 months
  • Valid period updated after last top-up
  • Online top-up, unlimited top-up, data available right after topping up
  • Voice/SMS service available through topping up
  • Balance inquiry available online
  • Free SMS notification
  • Support multiple devices (mobile phones/tablets / wireless routers)
  • Support multiple SIM card sizes
  • Service provided by Elisa, Nordic telecom operator

Smart tips for preparing your trip:

  1. Extra phone for our Internet SIM
  2. Wireless router to share your connection
  3. 3G tablet
  4. Tool to open the SIM slot of your phone





  • 欧洲25国通用
  • 无月租,无合约
  • 3G上网,开卡即用
  • 网速高达 21 Mbit/s
  • 14个月有效期
  • 充值后有效期更新
  • 网上充值,无限叠加, 即充即用
  • 通话短信功能可充值添加
  • 余额可随时网上查询
  • 免费短信通知
  • 支持多种设备(手机/平板/无线路由)
  • 提供多种型号SIM卡
  • 可信赖北欧电信运营商


  1. 如需使用中国号码,请额外携带手机安装此网卡
  2. 或者无线路由器
  3. 或者可插网卡的平板电脑
  4. 请自备SIM卡取卡器


  • 支持GSM/WCDMA制式
  • 不支持:定制机,CDMA,TD-SCDMA,电信CDMA2000