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Elisa Carrier Services Customer Support in Finland

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Elisa Carrier Services Billing in Finland

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Elisa Carrier Services Customer Support in Estonia

Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 4:30 pm (UTC +2),
Sat and Sun Closed
Tel. +372 68 00 072
Fault Notification

24/7 failure indications via Online Service. Log in to Elisa Carrier Services Online and select "Failure indication". In case you are unable to use the Online Service, please contact Service Desk, telephone +358 1026096, email servicedesk(at)
Urgent cases are handled faster if you call us.
Escalation Contact Points

We aim to resolve all issues via our customer support channels. However, if escalation is needed regarding to Elisa Carrier Services ordering and delivery, service management or Elisa Carrier Services billing matters, please see the escalation contact points here.

Sales Personnel

Antti Karjalainen

Head of Sales and Purchases
+358 10 267 1414

Harri Himanen

Account Manager
+358 50 525 5215

Jaana Ukkonen

Account Manager
+358 10 262 9040

Ari Kutvonen

Account Manager
+358 10 262 9041

Thomas Larson

Account Manager
+46 70 981 4098

Heikki Salmela

Account Manager
+358 10 262 9042

Sari Muikku

Account Manager
+358 10 262 9043