Wholesale Internet Service

A reliable and flexible solution for operators

Elisa Wholesale Internet service allows you to easily connect your customer’s business location to the internet. The service provides unlimited internet traffic to your customer’s business location.

We offer a wide range of additional services to ensure a reliable and adaptable overall solution to meet your needs.


  • Wholesale Internet DIA and Broadband Services
  • Wide range of speeds with different technologies, up to 1Gbps
  • Multiple SLA and backup service levels available
  • Access to wider public IP addresses in addition to a fixed IP address
  • Internet traffic routing without traffic volume restrictions
  • Preventive fault repair
  • Versatile additional services


  • Expanded public IPv4 address blocks
  • Fixed  network connection backup service
  • Changes to IP settings
  • Dynamic BGP routing
  • SNMP reading permission
  • Additional alarm message service
  •  SLA special service levels