Elisa Sustainable Future Accelerators 2021

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We’re looking for startups and scaleups!

Elisa is teaming up with Fazer, Helen, HUS, Kalmar and Yle to launch three Sustainable Future Accelerators and build new solutions to the pressing challenges of the future.

We are looking for startups with great teams, unique technology capabilities and who are prepared to scale.

In partnership with:

FazerHelen    HUS    Kalmar   YLE

2021 Accelerators

1. Sustainable Communication

The role of communication is ever-growing. We are looking for innovations in superb quality live video and other digital solutions, new technologies and device circularity to connect the physical and digital in a sustainable way.

2. Sustainable IoT & Private Networks

Intelligent machines are here, and they come in different forms from consumer solutions to heavy-duty industrial machinery. We are looking for innovations related to smart homes and energy management, robotics, remote supervision and control of industrial machines.

3. Sustainable Entertainment

New technologies and phenomena are changing both how entertainment is produced as well as how it is consumed. We are looking for innovations around the life’s micro-moments, AI and the possibilities of 5G, synthetic media and e-sports.

Why apply?

Partnership Opportunities

Build solutions with world’s leading experts in a cutting-edge development environment.


Route for scaling in Finland and globally through our partners.

Fast validation

Validate new services with customers.

Funding available

Elisa provides funding for building MVP with customers.

Potential route for scaling in Finland and globally through our partners

Access to cutting-edge 5G lab

Validate new services with customers.

Previous successes

Elisa X HUS

OhmniLabs is reinventing traditional robotics development and redefining telepresence for healthcare, education, senior care and work.

Elisa and OhmniLabs have worked together to develop a video robot for use on the COVID Ward to help nurses and Doctors interact with patients. The robot service is a product of the Sustainable Future Accelerator organized by Elisa and HUS and has already received positive feedback from hospital personnel.

Video robot connects nurse and patient with live video. Nurse can drive the robot inside patients´ room and ask how they are doing or if they need any assistance. Additionally, the robot can be used to perform night time inspection rounds in patient rooms. This reduces the risk of personnel being exposed to the virus.

What's involved?

1. Networking and planning

  • Networking event with all participants
  • Planning the use case from problem to solution ideas and value proposition 

2. Sprint one

  • Testing the market, prototyping and smoke test
  • 2-4 week sprint
  • Customer centricity and experimentation as main methodologies
  • Focus on validating market potential of new services as quickly as possible

3. Sprints 2 & 3

  • Building the Minimum Viable Product
  • 2-4 week sprints
  • Funding can be applied for at this stage (subject to customer participation)
  • Building the solution together with customers
  • Relevant startups will pitch their solutions directly to partners

4. Scale

  • Elisa will explore whether it can be a customer or a sales channel for the solution
  • Elisa and partners will promote the best solutions in media and events


1. Apply

  • Apply by June 26th

2. Selection

  • Selection of startups in June 2021
  • Selected startups and their contact persons will be informed

3. Co-creation

  • Co-creation period June - September 
  • Selected startups will be informed in-detail schedules

4. Promotion

  • Elisa and partners will promote the best solutions in media and events

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