Full Stack Web Developer (Helsinki, Tampere)

Helsinki, Tampere

Apply by 22 May 2022

Software and IT Services
Helsinki, Tampere

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”Hey there, it’s me, Elmeri! Ya know, I came up with this killer idea!”

Elmeri doesn’t need to worry, we heard him. We are developing better services for all Elisa customers in Sites development team. 

We are now looking for an experienced Full Stack Developer to join our multitalented team which codes the tools behind our great web presence. In this role you have a great opportunity to take a key role for improving practices for example around technical SEO, Google Tag Manager, content modeling for headless CMS and personalization. Our primary playground is the elisa.fi website, where we take care of frontend and CMS development. A significant portion of people in Finland are our customers and our websites have millions of monthly visits, so your work won’t definitely go unnoticed.

But hey, what about Elmeri’s killer idea?

Your daily tasks consist of analyzing new ideas coming from our stakeholders, translate them into sensible and understandable software requirements and to estimate the implementation costs. So, you’re solving how Elmeri’s amazing idea could be implemented agile with minimum efforts. If it’s successful, then how those new features could be implemented in phases. Our team is constantly pondering for example: What is the MVP in this case? What are the most important things? What can be left out? How will the idea be implemented fast and efficient and how will it be profitable?

One of your main duties is coding. You will implement all the great killer ideas together with the team. You will guide, mentor and do code reviews, and you will contribute to testing and DevOps development. You will improve and maintain our codebase. In time you will deepen your understanding to be able to answer business requests and to evaluate how our “machinery” is working and how to optimize it.

What do we expect from you?

  • Solid experience in modern software development
  • JavaScript is very familiar to you. We think that work experience rocks, but with very intensive hobby-based knowledge in coding you could succeed as well.
  • Previous working experience in agile development teams
  • You have gained experience on mentoring, guiding and doing code reviews
  • Software testing skills or at least good understanding and good documentation skills
  • You communicate easily in English as our team is international

Here are some of the techs we’re using: JavaScript, React, node.js, next.js, Kubernetes, Docker, CSS/HTML, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Contentful, various SEO tools. All the experience from these techs will benefit you but we are always looking for new techs and ways to do stuff.

Your new team

Your new team is part of Elisa Customer & Online - an agile group in Elisa’s Software Services unit developing online services for our consumer customers. We are about 100 software professionals in eight teams in roles of developers, designers, testers, architects, coaches, service designers, TPOs and POs. Some of us are based in Finland and some of us work internationally. We have a good community and we are gathering quite often (when possible without restrictions) thus building trust among our team. Elisa provides us a solid foundation to continuously develop ourselves to be even more agile. What we do directly affects all Elisa’s current and future customers, even though our clients are Elisa’s internal units.

What can you expect from us?

  • Very flexible working culture regarding location and time
  • A position that is important – your work has a great significance for corporate social responsibility!
  • A good opportunity to develop yourself and to learn new things
  • The best teammates and caring and supporting supervisors
  • A long-term possibility to have ownership of the codebase, commitment to the team and development of the services
  • Relaxed working environment with time to develop yourself as well

Learn more about Elisa as an employer from our career pages or check out our LinkedIn.

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If in doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact our Service Manager Lari (lari.laine [at] elisa.fi)