Anywhere at any time - Elisa Remote Patient Monitoring enables you and your healthcare providers to continuously monitor your health regardless of your location. 

Elisa Remote Patient Monitoring reduces the amount of visits to the hospital, while enabling continuous monitoring of the illness. It improves the management and understanding of the illness, and offers the HCPs comprehensive and regular information to analyze.



Who can use the Elisa Remote Patient Monitoring service?

The Elisa Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Application can be used by anyone whose local healthcare provider has made an agreement with Elisa to use the service for making self-tests. From their own homes, patients can perform self-tests and track the results. The test results are automatically transferred to the healthcare professionals, flagging results that are outside of the normal ranges. Healthcare professionals can then react promptly to needed changes and inform the patients about these changes.

How to take the Elisa Remote Patient Monitoring into use

1. Ensure that your local healthcare provider is using the Elisa Remote Patient Monitoring.

2. Agree with your healthcare provider on the use of Elisa Remote Patient Monitoring.

3. Download the Elisa Remote Patient Monitoring mobile application.  

4. Open the application and make a test according to the instructions given in the application.  

5. Ensure that you have a Bluetooth connection turned on for transferring the test results from the measuring device to the application.  

6. Transfer the test results to the healthcare provider. 

Contact us

In case you have questions about the Elisa RPM, please contact us and we will help you.



Check your device compatibility


Phones that support the Elisa Remote Patient Monitoring: 

  • iPhone 4S  
  • iPhone 5 
  • iPhone 5C  
  • iPhone 5S  
  • iPhone 6  
  • iPhone 6 Plus  
  • iPhone 6S Plus  
  • iPhone 7  
  • iPhone 7 Plus  
  • iPhone SE 

Note that the operating system version should be either iOS 8.4 or a more recent version


Phones that support the Elisa Remote Patient Monitoring:

  • Samsung Galaxy A3 
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 
  • Samsung Galaxy J5 
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4  
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 
  • Samsung Galaxy S8  
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+ 
  • Samsung Xcover 3 

Android operating systems: 6.0 Marshmallow, 5.1 Lollipop or 5.0 Lollipop 


Phones that support the Elisa Remote Patient Monitoring:

  • Sony Xperia E5 
  • Sony Xperia X  
  • Sony Xperia Z5 

Android operating systems: 6.0 Marshmallow, 5.1 Lollipop or 5.0 Lollipop


Phones that support the Elisa Remote Patient Monitoring:

  • Honor 7


Phones that support the Elisa Remote Patient Monitoring:

  • Huawei P8 Lite 

One Plus

Phones that support the Elisa Remote Patient Monitoring:

  • One Plus 3T
  • One Plus 5T


Phones that support the Elisa Remote Patient Monitoring:

  • Nokia 6


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Elisa Remote Patient Monitoring - INR

The INR remote patient monitoring aims to improve the patient care and treatment results by offering patients a modern and easy-to-use INR measurement procedure. The service reminds the patient to perform the INR measurements and automatically transfers the INR results to the healthcare professionals, allowing them to track the results and react to changes if needed.

The service aims to substitute the current treatment protocols and communication channels, decreasing the likelihood of human errors and the amount of laboratory visits. The service is not place dependant, thus measurements can be made anywhere at any time.


Freaquently asked questions about INR

Why aren't my test results no longer transfering to the healthcare professionals?

Option 1: The patient has changed his/her phone, which has another phone identification number that needs to be to be updated into the HCPs' system.

Option 2: The patient has an Iphone to which they have re-uploaded the RPM smartphone application. In this case the phone identification number has changed and needs to be updated into the HCPs system.

Option 3: The patient has not inserted a sim card into the phone

Option 4: The patient has no wifi connection in the phone.

Why doesn't the Coahucheck INRange device connect with the mobile phone?

Option 1: The patient has changed his/her mobile phone, in which case the old paring should be detelted and a new paring between the two devices needs to be performed.

Option 2: The patient has not turned on their Blutetooth connection.

Why am I not able to perform changes to my measurement program?

Option 1: The measurement program has finished, in which case the patient should contact their health care provider to ask for a new measurement program or for continuation of the previous program.

Why don't my test results transfer from the Coagucheck INRange device to my mobile phone despite my settings beng all correct?

Option 1: The patient has not turned on the RPM application on

Option 2: The patient has not pressed "perform the test" button

Why is my Coagucheck INRange device not working?

Option: The patient is using a new set of test strips, which requires the patient to insert the new sim card that comes along with the test strip package to the Coagucheck INRange device.