Architect, Elisa ID (Helsinki)


Apply by 22 May 2022

Software and IT Services, Finnish not required

Elisa is a Finnish market leader in telecommunications and digital services with over 5000 employees. With digitalization, we are providing solutions for things that are important to people and for sustainable development. We serve over 2.8 million customers in Finland, Estonia, and internationally and work daily to improve customer experience and quality. 

We are now looking for an Architect in our Elisa ID team, that is responsible for developing our SSO and other identity access management services – acting as the central component of Elisa customer identity management. We are on the path of renewal, so the role includes evaluation of Elisa ID scenarios with the team and with the best IAM experts in Finland from our close partners. 

Elisa ID is operated and developed within Elisa’s Software Services unit, where we apply the agile software development mentality and use modern version control practices and CI/CD pipelines. Elisa ID is a critical system in Elisa’s online ecosystem – in the centre of “everything”. It has a big impact on customer satisfaction and has high availability and security requirements. The target is the renewal of the Elisa ID, to expand its capabilities and grow its usage among Elisa’s online services. We are now looking for a visionary talent to help us to reach the next level. 

We hope that you have solid experience in the following:   

  • Identity and access management solutions   
  • Java or Kotlin with Spring Framework   
  • Building high-security systems   
  • API development and integrations  

We’ll appreciate it if you have experience in: 

  • React or some other front-end framework   
  • Relational databases   
  • Containers and orchestration with Kubernetes   
  • CI/CD with tools like GitHub Actions or Drone   
  • Modern and agile development methods  

In addition to Elisa ID development, the rest of your role will be customized based on your experience and interests and can be some combination of: 

  • Co-operation with other Telco with Mobile identity (Mobiilivarmenne
  • UX for authentication for web and mobile 
  • Cloud architectures etc. 

You don’t have to know everything; the position allows you to learn more as you go. We expect you to have good communication skills in spoken and written English. 

Our team is very agile and independent - we own our services. Many members of our team are based in Helsinki, but like the rest of the elisians, we work flexibly. Elisa is by proof one of the best places to work in Finland, and we can't wait for you to join us! Check out more reasons to join us

For any questions or further discussion reach out to Eija Moisala ( 

The selected candidate needs to pass Security Clearance Vetting in Finland, which in turn requires having been a resident of Finland for a good number of years before the security clearance can be done.