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13.6.2023 12.00

Reliability became a differentiating factor - Elisa continues its fibre investments in Finland and builds connections with EUR 200 million

Press release - June 13, 2023

Customers considering fibre to the home are now looking for transparent contracts and reliable delivery processes. Elisa is building a fibre network in Finland with EUR 200 million in the coming years, bringing fibre to more and more households. Investments in the 5G mobile network will also continue.

In Finland, the fibre market has become more active in recent years, and customer letters offering fibre have become a familiar sight across the country. Customer interest in home connectivity options has increased, and the debate on contract clarity and delivery terms has grown.

“Elisa has been among the first in the world to introduce the latest connectivity technologies, such as 5G network and fibre, to Finnish homes and businesses. We have been building fibre connections for decades, and our high-speed fixed connection is currently available to more than one million residential and commercial buildings. We are the market leader in fixed access and we are strengthening our leadership by bringing Elisa's fibre to more and more customers," says Vesa-Pekka Nikula, Elisa's Vice President of Consumer Customers.

Fibre available to more and more people who need it - simplicity is the key when it comes to purchasing the connection

Over the next years, Elisa will invest EUR 200 million to expand its fibre network, which will mean tens of thousands of fibre-connected apartments across Finland. The fibre will be built based on customer needs, and residents in future fibre construction areas will be contacted well in advance.

“We have been building telecommunications in Finland for 140 years and have seen the development of different generations of technology. Now fibre is making a stronger entry into Finland, which is why we are increasing the share of fibre investments. Our customers appreciate the simplicity of the process when getting a connection: Elisa provides them with an immediate broadband connection for the duration of the fibre construction, and once the construction is completed, the connection is upgraded to fibre," Nikula explains.

The starting point is that Elisa will build a fibre connection to every site where it has been promised.

“At the moment, fibre is being built in Finland using a variety of models. Elisa's pricing model is clear and simple, with no surprises for the customer, such as fixed-term contracts, fines or bills from multiple operators. In addition, our fibre network is and will remain under domestic ownership, giving customers peace of mind.”

Fibre, 5G, cable modem... which is the best solution for your home?

5G, fibre and cable modem are the technologies that enable the vast majority of Finnish residents to access digital services at home. All technologies have the potential to reach gigabit data speeds and meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's internet usage. The best solution is determined by the customer's situation and needs, and no one technology is automatically superior to another.

“A large majority of Finns perceive the mobile network as a viable home connectivity solution, whether in rural, urban or urban areas. It is superior in terms of flexibility and allows you to take your broadband connection with you, even to your summer cottage. Fibre is an excellent solution for long-term connectivity, for example, when you want to have a long-term commitment to connect multiple people and a large number of smart devices in the home at the same time. We help customers choose the best solution for their home from our range of fixed and mobile networks," Nikula sums up.

Today, Elisa's fibre-optic or cable modem-based high-speed connectivity is already available to more than one million households and commercial premises in Finland, and you can check the availability at your address at  Elisa's comprehensive 5G network is available in more than 240 locations and covers more than 88% of Finns. Mobile network coverage data can be found at

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