Materiality and stakeholder dialogue

We have recognised the most important economic, social and environmental impacts of our operations, products and services, as well as other significant trends affecting the ICT-sector.  

Materiality analysis is part of our continuous sustainability work. Business impacts of the material topics are evaluated in Corporate responsibility management board. Results are illustrated below: 

Stakeholder dialogue

Our most important stakeholders are our personnel, customers, owners, social operators1) and partners.  

In addition, we have a continuous dialogue regarding the needs of groups in a vulnerable position (e.g. children, young people and the elderly).

Stakeholders are reviewed annually in Corporate responsibility management board as a part of materiality assessment. 

We collect insights about stakeholder expectations and relevant sustainability topics by means of regular meetings, surveys and conducting surveys as well as through daily management.

1) Social operators include the authorities, officials, politicians, NGOs and other organisations, as well as research organisations. External stakeholders are examined from the point of view of both customers and influences in society.