Elisa B2B services in Estonia

Elisa Estonia provides companies and the public sector with network and IT infrastructure solutions to boost their efficiency and security. In addition to that the company also offers mobile communications, fixed internet connection and telephone services.

Elisa's business customer unit offers a variety services from mobile communications to server hosting. 

At Elisa, clients will find a smart package for business customers that meets all user needs. The monthly fees for the best value packages include convenience services such as Mobile-ID and family travel insurance.

Elisa offers up to 1 Gbit / s fixed Internet access packages designed to keep pace with the ever-evolving needs of your company's IT and business solutions. We offer point-to-point (PtP) radio link solutions developed in previous experience for locations where the cable does not yet reach. Unlike many similar over-the-air radio solutions, the service offered by Elisa only uses a channel reserved for its subscriber.

Elisa Estonia offers various IT services like:

  • Reliable and valued cybersecurity solutions that provide an overview of what is happening in the company's network.
  • We build any network solution for any company - from intranet with Wi-Fi, firewall and remote capability to sophisticated solutions that reach tens of countries and thousands of users.
  • Modern security and teleworking solutions. We use the long-term experience of Elisa and Santa Monica Networks in building network and security solutions to create a versatile and powerful standardized firewall solution. All this at an affordable price.