Accessibility is an important part of Elisa’s mission: a sustainable future through digitalisation. Accessibility is an issue of equality and the right to equal treatment. 

Accessibility is visible in Elisa’s services above all in the way the user experience is easy and painless for all users. A good user experience stems as much from the service having solid technical foundations as from the appearance and content. The goal is to make Elisa’s digital services easy for everyone to use.

Accessibility means easy-to-use services for all

For example, accessibility means that people with impaired vision can purchase phones from our webstore using screen-reading software. It means that people with hearing difficulties can enjoy movies on streaming services because they can easily select subtitles. Accessibility means that we work to make our services easy to use for every person. 

Developing accessibility together

We aim to design services based on the needs of the customers facing the biggest challenges in order to ensure that the services are accessible to everybody (design for all).

We regularly assess the ways in which customers use our services in a multi-channel service environment (phone, online, stores). We gather more information to increase our understanding by observing customers when they are actually using the services at home or at the store, by inviting customers to Elisa for interviews and user tests, as well as by allowing them to participate in development through our Elisa consumer panel (Raati).

Accessibility at Elisa Estonia

Elisa Estonia provides accessible features, such as a screen reader, on their website and on Elisa Book and Elisa TV services.

Sustainability Report as an audiobook and easy to read version

We are committed to making our content and services more accessible to everyone.  Our approach is to learn by doing, and we have used our sustainability report to study how accessible content could be developed further.

As small steps, and to better understand our customers' interest in accessibility, we published our 2020 sustainability report also as an audiobook in Finnish. You can listen the report read by Juhani Rajalin, who is also familiar for several TV programmes. 

We continued our efforts in following year and published 2021 sustainability report as an easy language version in Finnish. Both reports can be found in the Elisa Kirja service.

Accessibility Statements

The Accessibility Statement describes how the online service follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. The Statement includes also information on how to give feedback on the accessibility of a service. We are currently preparing accessibility statements for our various services.