A sustainable future through digitalisation

Elisa’s mission is a sustainable future through digitalisation. We are a pioneer in telecommunications and digital services, and in 5G. We provide sustainable solutions for over 2.8 million consumer, corporate and public administration customers in our core markets of Finland and Estonia, as well as in over 100 countries internationally.

International business areas

Industrial software

Elisa IndustrIQ helps customers increase their competitiveness, grow sustainably and improve their financial results. It empowers manufacturers by providing AI-powered insights and solutions that allow them to make critical decisions faster and easier. This enables customers to achieve flexibility and resilience throughout the supply chain with the tools needed to react to disruptions and recover from them faster.

Telecom software

Thanks to cutting-edge automation, Elisa Polystar enables customers to enhance network efficiency and sustainability performance. Elisa Polystar solutions provide network insights fuelled by advanced, AI-driven automation and analytics, delivering an improved customer experience. The solutions are developed with the unique needs of operators in mind and tested in live networks.

Virtual collaboration solutions

Accelerate your business transformation through interoperable, secure and always-on virtual communications solutions.  Any cloud, any device – we make it work. Elisa Videra provides Video Conferencing, Enterprise Voice and Digital Signage services worldwide for global enterprises, with global solution delivery and global managed services. 

Industrial software by Elisa IndustrIQ

Making intelligent manufacturing happen

Elisa IndustrIQ

Leveraging data to boost yields and optimise processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Insights: Many pharmaceutical manufacturers still rely on batch testing and processing, carried out in multiple stages, using different equipment. It’s an effective process, but not necessarily the most efficient one. Elisa IndustrIQ is exploring opportunities to leverage pharma manufacturers’ data to boost yields and optimize these processes.

Telecom software by Elisa Polystar

Making self-driving networks happen

Reduce costs, predict faults and boost customer satisfaction with virtual NOC

Insights: There is a clear need to control operational expenditure in the telecoms industry while simultaneously delivering an outstanding and consistent customer experience. The secret lies in the Virtual NOC – the Virtual Network Operations Centre solution powered by Elisa Polystar.

Preparing for the Open RAN transition. What are the two key challenges to overcome?

Insights: The mobile industry is preparing to invest in Open RAN solutions but there are two key challenges to consider: co-existence and multi-vendor support. Both require adaptation of operational systems. What does this mean?

Hyperautomation – what is this and how can it boost CSP transformation?

Insights: Hyperautomation goes beyond earlier automation efforts to create a synthesis of tools and techniques, backed by cultural change and leadership evolution. It’s no longer something that can be ignored – find out why.

Virtual collaboration solutions by Elisa Videra

Make the most of your virtual collaboration solutions

Why has video become a business-critical capability?

Video has become an eligible way of collaboration and a business-critical capability for any company. As the requirements for video collaboration quality are growing, businesses now need to invest in ease of use, compatibility and user experience, says Pasi Mäenpää, CEO, Elisa Videra. 

Turning a home office into an efficient communication and collaboration centre

While an optimal digital collaboration experience is a very organisation-specific issue, it has also become one of the most fundamental keys to employee productivity, engagement and business success. As work can often take place from anywhere and employee expectations keep changing accordingly, the essence of meaningful, fulfilling experiences can't be overemphasised

Security in video communications

How to ensure secure video meetings? Security requirements have to be taken into consideration in video collaboration as an operating principle. Read how to ensure that your business-critical information stays secure and learn the key platform considerations as well as the end-user best practices.

Lifting the level of automated customer experience

As organisations look for ways to improve their operational efficiency, they turn to technology. Digitalisation holds the key to improved profitability and meaningful ways to organise tasks. At the same time, customer requirements become more diverse and challenging. The role of customer service evolves accordingly – it must be able to answer a wider variety of questions, solve a wider variety of problems, and provide support in a wider variety of ways.