A Sustainable Future Through Digitalisation


Elisa is a Finnish market leader in telecommunications and digital services. With digitalisation, we’re providing solutions for things that are important to people and for sustainable development.

During our nearly 140-year history, we have always been enthusiastic about utilising new technologies and ways of working. Today we serve over 2.8 million customers in Finland, Estonia and internationally, working daily to improve customer experience and quality.

Elisa Videra

Empowering your organization to collaborate and work anywhere, using leading technologies to create a secure and effortless meeting experience. Our team is passionate about delivering the best solutions and services to enable your teams to unite.

Elisa Telecom Software Business

Get the same value for your networks that we get for our own networks. Improve your network efficiency and sustainability performance by utilising ML and AI for advanced automation. Boost your network quality and enhance the customer experience with our real-world approach to self-driving networks.

Elisa Industrial Software Business

Speed up your journey towards future competitiveness and zero waste by making intelligent manufacturing happen. Get improved quality and the ability to anticipate changes when data analytics meets AI-assisted production. Our incremental, modular approach offers instant results.

EFQM - Delivering quality

Elisa has been awarded for long-term quality work and our operations are guided by continuous improvement, learning and collaboration.

Digital responsibility

We enable safe digital environment for everyone. For us, in practice, digitalisation means, for example, more equal participation in society, a more equitable working life, a more flexible work culture, more resource-efficient operations and better productivity.

Sustainable business, our approach

Elisa’s mission is a sustainable future through digitalisation. We use digitalisation to resolve issues that are important to people, society and sustainable development. These include safety, equality and determined action to help limit climate change.