What we do

Elisa’s mission is a sustainable future through digitalisation. We are a pioneer in telecommunications and digital services, and technologies. We provide sustainable solutions for over 2.8 million consumer, corporate and public administration customers in our core markets of Finland and Estonia as well as in over 100 countries internationally.

We are the market leader in mobile and fixed network services in Finland, and number two in Estonia. We can provide sustainable solutions for society and a variety of industries. Our business model, based on unlimited data, clearly improves the opportunities of people in Finland and Estonia to use digital services and improve the competitiveness of their businesses. 

Cooperation with leading global partners, such as Vodafone and Tele2, enables us to provide internationally competitive services. We are also building innovations for the future in cooperation with startups and our research partners.

We employ over 5,700 professionals internationally in more than 20 countries. Elisa has received awards for its persistent work to maintain high quality. Our operations are guided by the principles of continuous improvement, learning and collaboration. Elisa is a carbon-neutral company. 

Elisa is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Large Cap with some 167,000 shareholders. More than half of the shareholders are Finnish institutions and households.

Our services to consumers

We offer an extensive range of services to consumer customers. Our customers value effortless services, faster connections and new entertainment content, e.g. Elisa Viihde entertainment service and Elisa Kirja ebook service. 

Continuous development of the customer experience is at the heart of our consumer customer service in all of our sales and service channels.

Our services to corporate customers

Every second Finnish company is already Elisa’s corporate customer. In the corporate customer segment, Elisa is a trailblazer in digitalisation pioneering in the ICT market by offering expertise, solutions and services. 

Our motto is “We all pull together”, and we want to be the best possible partner for companies in Finland, Estonia and globally.

International digital services

Elisa’s international digital services are based on the capabilities of our core business. 

Elisa Polystar helps our communication service provider customers improve their network efficiency, quality and sustainability performance as well as customer experience by utilising ML and AI for advanced automation.

Elisa IndustrIQ helps our manufacturing and supply chain customers to speed up their journey towards future competitiveness and zero waste while improving their quality and the ability to anticipate changes when data analytics meets AI-assisted production.