Services for private customers (Finland)

Services for private customers in Finland

Elisa is the market leader in mobile and fixed network services in Finland. We offer an extensive range of services to consumer customers. Our customers value effortless services, faster connections and new entertainment content.

Elisa 5G

5G pioneer

Elisa was the first operator in Finland to launch its commercial 5G network, and today our customers can benefit from the speed and congestion-free nature of Elisa’s extensive 5G network.

5G is available for phones, mobile internet connections as well as a main broadband connection for your home.

Devices in Elisa store

Connections and devices for all needs

We offer a wide range of mobile and fixed internet connections with unlimited data and phone subscriptions to cater for all needs of our customers.

Mobile devices are available at Elisa stores across the country, and in our online store there is a huge assortment of devices ranging from phones and computers to televisions and household appliances.

Additionally, Elisa offers digital security services, including virus scanning, digital identity protection and VPN service.

Family enjoying Elisa Viihde

Blockbusters and award winning originals

Elisa Viihde is a complete entertainment service with a large selection of streaming movies and series as well as a possibility to watch and record TV programs with any device, anywhere.

Elisa Viihde also produces numerous original series and drama films which have become very popular among our viewers and won several awards both in Finland and internationally.

Elisa Kirja and a cup of coffee

Books for every taste

Elisa Kirja is the most popular Finnish eBook and audiobook service and it has the largest selection of Finnish language books. From Elisa Kirja you will find endless reading for every occasion.

You can buy eBooks and audiobooks individually or read / listen as many books as you want with a monthly subsciption.