Elisa Telephone Museum

Elisa's telephone museum was founded in 1986

The telephone museum Elisa with its diversity and exhibits is unique in Finland and one of the most significant ones in its sector even by international standards.

Elisa Corporation, which originally operated under the name Helsinki Telephone Association (HPY), has been constructing and developing telephony and telecommunication technology in the Helsinki metropolitan area since 1882.

Elisa, which today operates nationwide and also in selected international markets, respects the work of its predecessors. The telephone museum, which has been constructed around the oldest part of the first automated telephone exchange in the Nordic countries, located in Töölö, Helsinki, is a living example of this. The museum is run by a committee, which primarily consists of active pensioners with deep knowledge of history.  

The museum is located in an exchange building, which was designed by architect Lars Sonck and built in 1915. The address is Runeberginkatu 43, Helsinki.

The museum is open to the public by appointment. On behalf of the Museum Committee, Anna Savikko answers any booking enquiries.

Contact information: ext-anna.savikko@elisa.fi

Every year, on Elisa's Day 19 November, the museum is open to all from 12 pm to 6 pm.

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Vintage desk telephones (pdf)

Vintage wall telephones (pdf)

Vintage telephone equipment (pdf)

The Automatic Telephone Exchange

Miss Time

History of Elisa