Research Collaboration

Innovation is integral to Elisa's business, enabling us to develop sustainable services for the digital society, both within Finland and on a global scale. We actively seek new opportunities for collaboration with top researchers across various scientific disciplines worldwide.

We have forged a robust collaboration between world-class academic researchers and Elisa’s business operations. Over the past decades, Elisa has engaged in partnerships with over 100 researchers spanning multiple countries. This research collaboration plays a pivotal role in reinforcing our strategic decisions, deepening our understanding of fundamental insights and fuelling the positive impacts that we contribute to both business and society. Embracing new challenges, we are committed to pursuing long-term benefits and are open to learning from failures as we explore emerging areas.

Between 2022 and 2023, we significantly expanded our research project portfolio and established academic partnerships with new institutions. Our focal areas include cutting-edge domains such as mobile network technologies (6G), advanced generative AI and multi-modal AI, data science and data monetisation, cybersecurity and privacy, and emerging technologies, among others. 

Mobile network technology is a cornerstone of our telecommunications business. In pursuit of innovation, we have launched new research initiatives in collaboration with the University of Oulu, Tampere University and Aalto University, aiming to propel advancements in 6G. This encompasses the exploration of 6G technologies and the development of 6G verticals featuring novel applications. The outcomes of this research endeavour will be disseminated through scientific publications in the field of 6G, accompanied by the transfer of relevant technologies from the research phase to production. Besides its direct involvement, Elisa has also been an active steering group member in multiple, long-term 6G projects (6G Bridge framework) in 2023.

Artificial intelligence (AI) holds the potential to generate significant business impact and stands as a key focus area for us. A noteworthy highlight was the initiation of a new research project focused on conversational AI, with the aim of elevating the customer experience and fostering deeper engagement. This collaborative effort involves the University of Helsinki as the academic research partner and the Corporate Customers business unit as the industry partner. We perceive this project as the initial step toward a broader direction of visual virtual assistant and metaverse.

The Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI), Finland’s AI flagship, and Elisa have cultivated a robust and enduring collaboration over the years. A notable outcome of this partnership is the awarding of a Ph.D. specialising in AI  in 2023. Elisa remains dedicated to supporting the FCAI and its successor, ELLIS, in advancing and enhancing Finland’s AI competence.

Data science empowers businesses with actionable insights. Elisa has a long history of collaboration in data science with multiple research groups at the University of Helsinki, starting from 2014 up to the present. By leveraging statistical human mobility data, the research has created significant societal impacts on urban dynamism and accessibility, segregation, outdoor recreation and city planning. This research has culminated in the publication of high-impact scientific works, exemplified by a noteworthy article featured in the prestigious journal Nature in 2022. Furthermore, we have initiated a research project on a new direction for data privacy. This project charts a new course in the development of privacy technologies, aiming to safeguard individual privacy within the realm of mobility data analytics.

Elisa actively fosters collaboration across disciplines, institutions and sectors. As a participant in the Untangling People Flow consortium, the SuperSight project is dedicated to advancing international business opportunities. The project focuses on enhancing machine learning algorithms to collect people flows without compromising personal privacy. While Elisa is leading the implementation of the project, it incorporates collaborative efforts with universities and businesses within the research consortium.

Our research and innovation activities yielded tangible outcomes last year. Various business departments submitted new patent applications. Additionally, we have made substantial contributions to the scientific community by publishing multiple, peer-reviewed research papers in competitive AI/ML and network technologies venues.

Furthermore, via the HPY Research Foundation, we are contributing to the advancement of scientific research, teaching and development work in Finnish telecommunications technology, telecommunications and data communication.

Contact information: Hien Truong, Research Manager,