Research and development

Innovation is an essential part of Elisa’s business, which we use to create sustainable services for digital society, both in Finland and internationally. We continuously look for new opportunities for cooperation with the best international researchers in different scientific fields.

Elisa promotes world class research

We have established strong cooperation between academic researchers and Elisa's business operations. The research collaboration promotes our strategic choices, because it increases our understanding of new business changing innovations in science.

Elisa cooperates with more than a hundred researchers from a dozen countries. 

In 2021, we started working with new academic partners and continued our existing collaboration with the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI). The goal of the research cooperation is to learn about the latest technology and business model trends, and to enable cutting-edge technologies that can be used to build the latest products and services for our customers. In 2021, we launched new collaborative projects with the University of Helsinki and the University of Southern California in key areas such as AI, big data and cybersecurity. We also used high-quality research to improve the quality of our cutting-edge automatic speech recognition solutions, which are widely appreciated by our corporate customers. In addition, the results of the research cooperation with the FCAI will be used to automate the prediction of alarms in cable TV networks and computer workstations, enabling AI-based predictive maintenance for our equipment and networks. As the next step, we aim to significantly improve the quality of our customer experience solutions with an AI-based chatbot that is being researched and developed in collaboration with the FCAI. 

In addition, through HPY Research Foundation, we support scientific research, teaching and development work in Finnish telecommunications technology, telecommunications and data communicatio

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