HPY Research Foundation

HPY Research Foundation was founded in 1999 and supports research studies of telecommunications technology, studies closely related to telecommunications business or to the use of telecommunications. These research studies should be in the areas of technological, economical or behavioral sciences and the level of post-graduate studies aiming to doctoral thesis or higher-level studies.

By 2022 the Foundation has granted a total of 1.2 million euros to mainly researches for their doctoral thesis in various universities. The Foundation library has now 135 doctoral theses. 

Grant Applications 2023

HPY Research Foundation 2023 grants are now open for applying. This year the foundation supports doctoral thesis students by awarding grants worth 3,000 euros each.

The foundation supports research studies of telecommunications technology, studies closely related to telecommunications business and studies of the use or impact of telecommunications.

These research studies should be in the areas of technological, economical, business, behavioral or social sciences.

To apply the grant, you should fill in the application form and send it with the required attachments by e-mail latest by Tuesday the 31st of January 2023 to the representative of foundation. More instructions will be found on the application form. The board of the Foundations selects the applicants who will be awarded and only the awarded applicants are notified by a letter.

Copy the application form here:

word-form (Right-click the link and select: Save link as… to save the word-application form into your computer)


pdf-form (Right-click the link and select: Save link as… to save the pdf- application form into your computer)

The application form and all required attachments must be merged into one single pdf file. Detailed instructions can be found in the application form. Application pdf is sent by e-mail to the representative of foundation: ilpo.aarni@kolumbus.fi 

Deadline for submission of application is: Tuesday 31 January 2023 

Late arrival, incomplete application and/or missing attachments shall result in rejection of the application. Applications in other than required pdf format shall be disregarded.

If you have been awarded a grant or scholarship in Finland, your pension insurance (MYEL) is provided by Mela. You may apply the MYEL insurance if you are eligible for the Finnish social security system. 

The amount of HPY:n Tutkimussäätiö  grant is less than the legal limit, so you do not have legal obligation to apply for Mela pension insurance. However, you may do so. MYEL pension insurance automatically includes MATA occupational accident and disease insurance for the same period, which compensates the insured for any accidents that take place during the course of the grant in case your basic employment does not cover such insurance. More information: www.mela.fi

 Application form in Finnish: https://elisa.fi/yhtiotieto/tietoa-elisasta/tutkimus-ja-kehitys/hpyn-tutkimussaatio/

Contact information

Mail address:

HPY:n Tutkimussäätiö – HTF:s Forskningsstiftele sr / HPY Research Foundation
Asiamies Ilpo Aarni
Kultakummuntie 1

Representative of the foundation:

Ilpo Aarni. Lic.Tech
Email: ilpo.aarni@kolumbus.fi
Phone:  +358 (0) 50 2435

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