Elisa Service Design

Impacting millions

  • We are impactful

    We design to help change the company for customer and societal benefit. We work transparently and ethically building sustainable relationships that allow us to co-create a better world.

  • We are design-driven

    To earn a place in our customers’ lives now and in the future we are focused to understand their perceived world holistically. We build purposeful services by integrating business, design and development.

  • We are inclusive

    We are focused on creating an environment that is equally creative and worthwhile for all. We give equal opportunities to everyone, regardless of their title, to influence and co-design all of the above.

Our favourite projects

  • Elisa Viihde

    The most popular entertainment service in Finland. Working here means thousands of people use your designs every day. It’s exciting to constantly work on creating a more engaging and user-friendly service, by doing user research, concepting, prototyping, A-B testing, etc.

  • Elisa Kirja

    The biggest ebooks and audiobooks service in Finland. Our customers include people of all ages and tastes. Design team of Elisa Kirja supports customer-centric business growth through qualitative and quantitative research, vision building, UX and growth hacking of the service.

  • Design research

    We create our services together with our customers. We use multiple methods to involve our customers from ethnography and user testing to co-creation workshops and surveys to understand our customers better.

  • Elisa Polystar

    Elisa Polystar is on a journey to make self-driving network happen. We believe that networks should be run autonomously so that humans can focus on higher-level tasks. To achieve this, we combine extensive amount of data, AI and machine learning, and automation, running networks more efficiently and accurately.

  • Elisa IndustrIQ

    Elisa IndustrIQ provides AI-powered software solutions to empower manufacturers of complex, high-volume products with new insights and knowledge that can rapidly improve business performance and drive supply chain optimization. 

  • Omnichannel design

    Our team facilitates holistic customer experience related research and experimentation throughout the organisation. We aim to understand our customers pain points, needs, and natural journeys to create meaningful and seamless experiences.

We are always on a lookout for a great talent!
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