Software & IT

Enjoy your work and your working life

How about having a good working life: enjoy caring leadership, the vast career opportunities of a large organisation, and the invitation to genuinely be the best you? Working at Elisa, you won’t be spending time on tasks that don’t challenge you or feel meaningful; providing digital solutions that improve the lives of our 2.8 million customers is a key part of creating a sustainable society.

What we guarantee so that you can be the best you

A culture of learning and experimentation

Elisa’s business is changing and growing, with a lot of opportunities for software developers. You won’t need to fight tooth and nail to protect your development ideas – you’ll surround yourself with like-minded people and get the support you need.

Managers who give their all

There to support you and available every moment of the day just when you need them. Our managers are examples of our culture: caring, sharing and their own selves. They give their all so that you can grow and flourish.

Working for a sustainable future

We develop services so that our 2.8 million customers can use the best and most effective digital solutions. We also play a vital role supporting society and the environment in securing a sustainable future.

“In my work, I develop cybersecurity services for large companies and organisations. Taking care of their data security means, on the Finnish scale, protecting the security of services that affect people’s daily lives. We’re right at the cutting edge when it comes to technology trends, and we produce services that our customers really need.”

- Markus Saaristo, Cyber Security Development Manager

“The sky’s the limit for what we can develop”

Reetta already has over a decade of experience in service design and agile, customer-oriented development work. Three years ago, Reetta and Elisa’s paths crossed when she started working for us as a service designer on substantial projects for large corporate customers, government organisations, municipalities, towns and cities.

Elisa is a perfectly sized home for software developers

Scrum Master Harri Määttä develops tools for mobile devs in Elisa’s Site Reliability Engineering team. He recommends Elisa as a workplace for software developers who want to work with cutting-edge technology and want to have multiple growth options for developing their careers.

“Many of us say the same thing: Elisa is a place where we learn all the time. Some people have been here for 20 years. When I ask how they’ve ended up here so long, they reply ‘one year at a time’. That’s the way it is when every year is different from the previous ones. There’s always a new challenge to find solutions for.”

- Otso Palonen, Head of International Digital Services Development

Three issues that concern Antti, Head of Digital Operations at Elisa

Antti and his team develop solutions that help industrial companies to tackle their real-world challenges and make their production more efficient.

Elisa plays a vital role in keeping society functioning smoothly

Riku Juurikko changed from his role as a cybersecurity consultant to become Senior Security Manager at Elisa. Now he supports the continuous development of Elisa’s business operations against security breaches and is trying to open doors for young people interested in the sector.

Markus works at the heart of developing Elisa’s cybersecurity services

Returning to Elisa is not viewed as failure – quite the opposite. After a few years at Finnair, Markus Saaristo returned to Elisa to help develop cybersecurity services for large corporate customers.