Sustainability key figures

Information in accordance with the EU Taxonomy Regulation

Elisa’s business and digitalisation solutions significantly contribute to sustainability and environmentally friendly operations for customers and society. Elisa is a trailblazer in environmental work: a carbon-neutral company with business operations and company promotes achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Elisa’s Sustainability Finance Framework supports sustainability goals and investments. 

Elisa reports indicators from 2021 in accordance with the Taxonomy Regulation on Sustainability Report. Telecommunications operator sector has not yet been included in the classification system, and therefore the share in reporting is limited. Elisa's eligible activities are data centre services, entertainment services, IoT solutions for industry and network, and remote conferencing services.

Share from Elisa's revenue eligible to EU classification in 2021 was 14.2%, CAPEX 8.6%, OPEX 7.3%. The calculations and results have been verified.