Let's take care of digital security together

Digital security affects everyone. In everyday life, we face situations where securing our own information and ensuring that our family can be safe online is something that we need to consider. At Elisa, we are constantly working to ensure that the network we maintain and the services we provide are safe to use. We also want to raise awareness of how you can use networks and services more safely.

What Elisa does to block online scams

The number of online and phone scams continues to grow, and in many countries, they have already reached the point where people. 

As a teleoperator, Elisa actively strives to take action to block online scams and to ensure that Finnish phone numbers remain reliable and safe in online and phone services.

Can you recognise phishing

According to a survey of Finns commissioned by Elisa, 91% of respondents have been victims of scam attempts on the internet* – you have also probably been the target of attempted fraud.

Do you know how to recognise scam attempts? Do you know the five rules for avoiding phishing scams?

What is a denial-of-service attack and why do they happen

Consumers can do a lot to protect their devices themselves and ensure their security by immediately applying security updates and changing any default passwords to strong new passwords.

Safely into the digital world

The new school year is beginning, and many children have received their very first mobile phone. Read a blog post by Tommi, the author of Isyyspakkaus blog, about what needs to be taken into account when the youngest ones in the family take their first steps into the digital world. 

Recognise phishing

Almost all of us have received phishing messages – emails, texts or phone calls trying to get us to put our important information in the wrong hands. If you can remember a few important pieces of advice, you will be able to recognise most scam attempts.

What is social manipulation?

Have you heard of social manipulation? Understanding the psychology exploited by cybercriminals makes it easier to identify and combat scam attempts.