Invoicing information for suppliers

Here you will find the e-invoicing information for Elisa’s suppliers. Elisa receives all of its invoices in an electronic format, as an e-invoice, and our operator is Basware. 

The minimum information required on an e-invoice:

  • Elisa contact person
  • Purchase order number or contract number

Elisa’s electronic invoice addresses: 

Elisa Oyj

Business ID: 0116510-6

HY ja YA PL 100
Tuotanto PL 499
Tukitoiminnot PL 99
00061 ELISA

E-invoice address: OVT: 003701165106
Operator: Basware Oyj: BAWCFI22

Elisa Videra Oy

Business ID: 1058886-4

PL 900
00061 ELISA

E-invoice address: OVT: 003710588864
Operator: Basware Oyj: BAWCFI22