Invoicing and information on the purchasing process for suppliers

On this page you will find billing information and addresses for Elisa's suppliers, as well as information on the purchase-to-pay process. Elisa receives all invoices electronically as e-invoices, enabling an automated process for handling purchase invoices and reducing both costs and carbon footprint.

The e-invoicing operator is Basware. If your company does not have e-invoicing or the required e-invoice fields available, you can register with Basware's supplier portal to send an e-invoice to Elisa.  

Elisa’s electronic invoice addresses

  • Elisa Oyj

    PL 100
    00061 ELISA

    E-invoice address: OVT: 003701165106
    Operator: Basware Oyj: BAWCFI22

    Business ID: 0116510-6
    VAT ID: FI01165106

  • Fonum Oy

    PL 765
    00026 BASWARE

    E-invoice address OVT: 003725184635
    Operator: Basware Oyj: BAWCFI22

    Business ID: 2518463-5
    VAT ID: FI25184635

  • Enia Oy

    PL 850
    00061 ELISA

    E-invoice address: OVT: 003722180815
    Operator: Basware Oyj: BAWCFI22

    Business ID: 2218081-5
    VAT ID: FI22180815

Invoice content requirements

A purchase invoice is based on a pre-approved order or payment plan. The primary content requirement of the invoice is the order number or contract number and the name of the contact person/customer.

All incoming e-invoices are converted by the operator into TEAPPS 3.0. format and the data conversion is done using a table of equivalence according to the e-invoice standard. The table also contains the EU Directive fields for the above data.

Please also note the requirements of the tax authorities for invoice entries.   

E-invoice header level information:

Invoice fieldAdditional informationTEAPPSXML 3.0FINVOICE 3.0
Finvoice / InvoiceDetails / OrderIdentifier
Contract number
BT-12 customer contract  numberINVOICE / HEADER / CONTRACT_INFORMATION / CONTRACT_NUMBERFinvoice / InvoiceDetails / AgreementIdentifier
Elisa contact personBT-56 customer contact person name/emailINVOICE / RECEIVER / CUSTOMER_INFORMATION / CONTACT_INFORMATION / CONTACT_PERSONBuyerCommunicationDetails / BuyerEmailaddressIdentifier

Elisa Source to Payment -process

The purchase invoice is based on a pre-approved order or contract in our procurement system.

Sending Purchase Order

Orders are sent by SmartOrder as a default. Smartorder is sent to the email address vendor has informed and includes a link to electronic purchase order where vendor can accept, reject or propose a change to Purchase Order. Accepting the order is treated as an order confirmation and should be done on the working day following receipt of the order.

Vendor can also receive orders via Basware Supplier Portal. From portal vendor can see previous orders and other documents shared with Elisa and Purchase Order can flip PO straight to e-Invoice after delivery.

Link to Supplier Portal registration

Contract based recurring invoices

No separate order will be sent for recurring invoices. The supplier and the buyer will jointly agree on a unique reference (contract number), billing period and billing frequency for recurring invoices. It is recommended to separate invoices by business locations or shops to maximise invoice automation.

Supplier register

Our suppliers' data is validated through public registers as part of Elisa's risk management policy. We also send regular surveys to our contracted suppliers, please ensure that

  • your company's details are up to date in our database and that your company's tax records
  • pre-tax registration and, where the quality of service so requires, Contractor’s Obligations and Liability documents are in order in the Vastuu Group's Reliable Partner Service

Changes in Vendor master data 

Changes in receiving orders

Please inform your contact person in case of changes to receiving orders from Elisa

  • e-mail address changes
  • your company wants to receive order via Basware SupplierPortal instead of Smart Order (e-mail)

Changes in bank account number

  • In case vendor sends invoices via Supplier Portal, update the company basic information in the portal, and bank account is updated automatically for future invoices
  • Otherwise, Accounts Payable team will contact you and confirm the change

Contact information