Circular economy of mobile devices is part of a sustainable future

Elisa is one of Finland's largest mobile device retailers. We want to increase sales of used and refurbished phones. Extending the life cycle of a phone is a significant way to reduce that device’s carbon footprint, as most of the environmental impact comes from the production of the device.

Recycling at Elisa

As a service provider, we can have a positive impact on waste and environment, by promoting reuse, refurbishment and recycling of devices in an efficient and appropriate manner.

We promote product safety by making sure that the products we sell comply with the statutory environmental requirements. Concerning electronics, batteries, rechargeable batteries and packaging, Elisa operates under the Extended Producer Responsibility principles, by recycling electronical devices, batteries and accumulators, as well as packages.

In Finland, our shops have WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) collection receptacles, through which devices are taken for re-processing to become material for new electronic products. Our shops also have collection boxes for mobile phone batteries and other portable batteries. We provide monetary compensation for phones applicable for reuse, for example when purchasing a new one.  In Estonia, Elisa’s shops accept used batteries. Used electronics may be returned without charge to for instance Kuusakoski recycling points. Elisa Estonia’s own electronics waste is recycled.

We follow statutory regulations and instructions when building our networks. In our network building and maintenance, we reuse equipment when appropriate, otherwise hardware is recycled, and materials reused in an appropriate manner. 

Waste-related data is collected through Elisa’s sustainability reporting and monitoring system and is based on data by partners or own estimates.

In our offices the recycling and waste management is organised by local partners. We meet with them regularly to discuss and review the performance. 

Recycling phones is a climate action

Recycling phones can reduce our carbon footprint. Responsibly recycling old devices is something we should all be concerned about. Elisa supports the circular economy by offering services that help with this.

Luurit looppiin - recycle your phone

The best and most resource-saving way to extend the life of your phone is to refurbish and resell it in Finland.

If the phone does not continue its journey from one family member to another, it is worth returning it to Elisa, for example, so that the phone can still be refurbished and resold at Fonum.

We also recycle unusable old phones safely. 

Elisa Exchange Benefit

When returning a recent model phone, you can also take advantage of Elisa Vaihtoetu (Exchange Benefit), where you will receive a refund for the phone when purchasing a new one.

See how you can recycle!

  • We are member of the ICT Producer Co-operative and make sure in our part that used electronical devices are recycled. ICT Producer Co-operative. Elisa shops have Data SER collection containers in which devices and batteries can be left for recycling and disposal in a safe manner.

  • We have a contract with Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd regarding the transfer of producer responsibility for the packaging; I.e. that recycling of packaging waste is in accordance with the requirements of law in Finland.

  • Elisa has an agreement with Recser Oy regarding the transfer of extended producer responsibility for batteries and accumulators, ensuring that the recycling of waste batteries and accumulators in Finland is in accordance with the requirements of the law.