Circular economy of mobile devices is part of a sustainable future

Elisa is one of Finland's largest mobile device retailers. We want to increase sales of used and refurbished phones. Extending the life cycle of a phone is a significant way to reduce that device’s carbon footprint, as most of the environmental impact comes from the production of the device.

Recycling phones is a climate action

Recycling phones can reduce our carbon footprint. Responsibly recycling old devices is something we should all be concerned about. Elisa supports the circular economy by offering services that help with this.

Luurit looppiin - recycle your phone

The best and most resource-saving way to extend the life of your phone is to refurbish and resell it in Finland.

If the phone does not continue its journey from one family member to another, it is worth returning it to Elisa, for example, so that the phone can still be refurbished and resold at Fonum.

We also recycle unusable old phones safely. 

Elisa Exchange Benefit

When returning a recent model phone, you can also take advantage of Elisa Vaihtoetu (Exchange Benefit), where you will receive a refund for the phone when purchasing a new one.

See how you can recycle!