Cooperation projects

Elisa's mission is a sustainable future through digitalisation. Participating in social dialogue is important for us. We are engaged in persistent work towards the wellbeing of young people, in particular.

We support carefully selected targets. Our cooperation partners appeal to wide focus groups, are responsible and comply with Elisa's values whilst having natural links to our business. We always commit to long-term cooperation.

We help the Ukrainians in need

Right now, our thoughts and compassion are with the Ukrainians and we want to help those affected by the war in Ukraine. We will make every effort to ensure that refugees arriving from Ukraine to Finland can keep in touch with their loved ones and give them 2000 prepaid subscriptions. We will also help by making a donation of EUR 50 000 to UNICEF, who on the spot will help Ukrainian children to survive in the midst of the war.

Supporting the society during COVID-19

In the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we implement our mission to help the society together with our personnel. Read more

Long-term work towards the wellbeing of young people

ShedHelsinki Säätiö sr is founded by Elisa. The foundation supports work for children and youth, focusing on diversity and special needs children. The foundation produces creative events, such as musicals, together with several organizations and partners. The chairman of the Board of ShedHelsinki Foundation is Elisa's CEO Veli-Matti Mattila.

Elisa has supported young people especially against social marginalisation for several years. ShedHelsinki combines in a unique way the power of youth and diversity.

Against internet bullying

Our campaign #aidostiminä (“truly me”) was a continuation to the #sananvastuu (“take responsibility for what you say”) campaign we started in 2018.

The goal is to start a discussion on the fact that everybody is good enough as they are, also in the digital world.

Supporting team sports and young athletes

In sports, we invest in team sports and the career paths of young up and coming athletes. Elisa is the main partner of Football Association Finland (FAF). Long-term cooperation partners include the Finnish national ice-hockey team and HIFK and snowboarding world champion Enni Rukajärvi.

Every year, we donate the money that would otherwise be spent on Christmas cards to charity.

Elisians in voluntary work supporting diversity

Since 2017 Elisians have been able to participate in voluntary also during working hours. Our theme is promoting diversity and preventing social marginalisation. Everyone is given the opportunity to do a day of voluntary work. 

Elisians have been involved in various operations with Hope Association and the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, ShedHelsinki musical theatre, Pride Helsinki and Nenäpäivä events, and Children of the Station association. 

Digitalisation belongs to everyone

Part of our everyday responsibility work includes, for example, free Elisa digital schools organised for children in various localities. We also teach the elderly to use new technology, for example, at SeniorSurfDay events organised in service housing.

Supporting health care and services for the elderly

Elisa has supported the Queen Silvia Nursing Award scholarship programme for several years. We participate in developing services and ensuring sustainable development in healthcare and for ageing people.