Elisa helps those suffering from the war in Ukraine

Elisa helps those suffering from the war in Ukraine

Our thoughts and sympathies are with the Ukrainian people and we want to help those suffering from the war in Ukraine. We do everything we can so that refugees arriving in Finland from Ukraine can keep in touch with their loved ones.

Free calls and roaming

Calls and SMS messages sent to Ukraine from Elisa's monthly paid mobile phone subscriptions and roaming use in Ukraine are free of charge.

Thousands of prepaid subscriptions for refugees

Elias has donated thousands of prepaid subscriptions to those fleeing the war to Finland in cooperation with the city of Helsinki (from the city's call center located in the Länsisatama and at the Help Center for Ukrainians in Vallila, Helsinki). We have donated phones and computers to those fleeing the war in Ukraine, and also lent equipment to organisations helping them.

Donations are coordinated in cooperation with Apukeskus.

Customer service in Ukrainian

We have established a Ukrainian-speaking customer service, which serves at the number 0800 92055 Mon-Fri from 9 am to 3 pm.

Network connections to the help center

We have provided network connections to the Help Center for Ukrainians in Finland located in Vallila, Helsinki.

Ukrainian-language children's channel for free

Nickelodeon Ukraine Pluto TV is shown free of charge to everyone watching TV on our cable network in channel 73.

In addition to Elisa's cable network, it is also possible to watch the channel in Elisa Viihde at channel 542 and through the mobile application in the Kanavilla nyt section.

Monetary donation to UNICEF

Elisa has helped those in need by making a monetary donation of EUR 50,000. The recipient of the donation was UNICEF, which helps Ukrainian children to survive in the midst of the crisis.

During 2022, together with partners, UNICEF has for example: 

  • Taken care of vital health services such as providing and delivering essential medicines and health supplies, as well as vaccinations. Supplies and medicines have been delivered to almost 4 million people.
  • Enabled continuation of learning for over one million children and adolescents for example by distributing school materials and developing online learning.
  • Enabled access to safe water to 3,6 million people in areas where networks have been damaged or destroyed.   
  • Enabled 4,1 million people to access healthcare and supported Ministries of Health in neighbouring countries to provide access to health services and immunisation for refugee women and children. 
  • Reached over 1.4 million children and caregivers with psychosocial support. 
  • Established child-friendly spaces to provide critical support and protection services for children and families. 
  • Distributed cash assistance to the most vulnerable families. 

Make sure your help reaches those in need

Even a little help is important. Below we have listed reliable operators through which you can support Ukrainians in need.