Human Rights

Our commitment

We work every day to build a secure digital environment, so that everyone's equal rights are realised. Respect for human rights is fundamental to our responsible business conduct and mission Sustainable future through digitalisation. We want to make a positive impact on society.

We are committed to respecting human rights in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises throughout our value chain. Our commitment and statement is established through our Human rights policy.  We expect same commitment from all our business partners and suppliers across our entire value. 

We have been signatories and committed to UN (United Nations) Global Compact since 2015. 

We acknowledge that in addition to our positive impacts on human rights, there are human rights risks related with our business operations and in supply chain. We are continuously developing our understanding of these risks and seek ways to improve tools and processes to manage them.

Our approach

In accordance with the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, we aim to undertake human rights due diligence as part of our corporate decision-making process. We consider human rights in our operations, actions, development, joint ventures, and other activities. Our due diligence follows the approach of assess, prevent, remediate and communicate.


We do our best in collaborating and engage with regulatory bodies, international human rights organisations, expertise advisors and industry associations to assess the risks and impacts of our operations. We also participate in multistakeholder forums throughout the year to follow with the emerging and relevant human rights issues. We involve our employees and employee representative in regular dialogues and discussion to understand the most material topics. 

The continuous dialogue with our internal and external stakeholders enables us to identify and analyse the most important human rights issues throughout our value chain.


Elisa Code of Conduct and Human rights Policy establish the foundation and set the expectations for our Human Rights program. Additionally, Elisa’s Code of ethical purchasing, Security Policy, Elisa Data Protection Policy, Ethical Sales principles and other appropriate principles and guidelines together constitute the processes on means how human rights are managed within the operations of Elisa.

We require our employee to complete mandatory Code of Conduct trainings and Security certification trainings and further encourage to complete voluntary Human Rights policy training which jointly covers all the relevant Human Rights issues. Additionally, we provide trainings and instruction for our employees for onboarding suppliers and customers. 

Elisa is a member in industry level Joint Audit Cooperation, and we conduct audits for our suppliers in accordance with JAC’s jointly specified criteria which includes Human rights topics.

We have established ethical sales procedure to protect privacy and ensure that our technologies are not misused. 

We work hard to improve our way of working to prevent the human rights violations across our value chain. 


We transparently communicate and share our performance on the human rights issues on our annual report and other regular publications. We also have internal intranet and other channels where we address and raise awareness about the human rights topics with our employees. 

Access to Remedy

Our grievance channel is established to ensure that any individuals and groups impacted are able to present their concerns and grievances. And further that these are processed accordingly to secure a resolution. The notification can be made either directly in person or electronically. For example, Elisa’s employee can report any misconduct or violation of human rights by contacting directly to their supervisor, HR department, corporate responsibility department, legal services department, or internal audit. Similarly, our customers can report any breaches of human rights through direct contact with Elisa’s sales stewards, customer accounts, corporate responsibility director or legal services department. Additionally, we also provide our customers access to other channels to raise concerns regarding the human rights issues.

The Whistleblowing Channel lies in the heart of Elisa’s remediation process. Any partners or stakeholder groups can report the complaints regarding illegal misconduct and violation of human rights anonymously through Elisa's Whistleblowing Channel. The notifications received through the channel are processed with highest confidentially. Each claim is appropriately reviewed and processed and categorised in a timely manner by specific responsible persons.