For a more equal working life

For a more equal working life

To ensure that everyone can feel free to be themselves in the workplace, Elisa, DNA and Telia are working together to promote a more equal working life.

Dakota Robin is a DEI trainer and human rights activist who is training Finnish companies and employees to achieve a more equal and inclusive working life. She believes that a work community thrives and develops better when its members are safely allowed to be themselves.

See Dakota's tips on how everyone can promote equality in their own workplace (in Finnish).

Sustainability directors of Telia, DNA and Elisa

Together for an important cause

Five years ago we, Elisa, DNA and Telia, started a unique collaboration to promote a more equal working life. This cooperation has resulted in, among other things, common equality theses, to which we are committed to. Our aim is to make sure that everyone can be themselves in the workplace.

"At work I don't have to dare to be me, I can be me freely."
- Kaisu

"A shared workplace is created when we are all welcome as ourselves, as we are."
- Elisa

Pride parade in Helsinki

June is Pride month

There is power and impact in working together, which is why Elisa, DNA and Telia are supporting Helsinki Pride for the fifth consecutive year. Together, we are highlighting the importance of diversity and equality in working life. We want everyone in Finland to feel valued at work.

Helsinki Pride is a human rights and cultural event that supports and promotes the well-being and rights of sexual and gender minorities. Helsinki Pride takes place during the month of June and will culminate in Pride Week from 26 June to 2 July 2023.