How Did Elisa Cut its Network’s Electricity Cost by 50%?

How Did Elisa Cut its Network’s Electricity Cost by 50%?

Learn how Elisa turned its network into a Virtual Power Plant

Strengthen Your Network, Optimise Your Costs

Elisa’s Distributed Energy Storage (DES) helps telecom operators and TowerCos to reduce electricity costs and OPEX by up to 50%.

Turn OPEX into Profit

Operators used to view backup batteries as a cost of reliable network operators. DES’ intelligent control turned Elisa’s backup batteries into a source of cost savings and new revenue.

Transform Your Network into a Virtual Power Plant

With DES, Elisa transformed its RAN into a Virtual Power Plant. DES controls the network’s backup batteries optimizing grid electricity consumption and earning new revenue from grid balancing services markets.

Network Resilience that Pays Back

DES has turned the economics of backup power upside-down and made it economical for Elisa to over-dimension it’s network’s batteries. During normal days, that extra capacity earns income for Elisa, but during storms and exceptional events, the backup capacity is there to power Elisa’s telecom network over extended periods when the customers need it the most.

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Our solution is already delivering proven results in our mobile network:

Cost and Operational Efficiency

electricity cost savings

Combination of revenue opportunity and electricity cost savings from virtual power plant.

Improved Network Resilience


Elisa’s mobile network in Finland is hosting Europe’s largest virtual power plant.

Sustainability and Compliance


CO2 emissions cut from Elisa’s Virtual Power Plant running on mobile network’s.

Moile network base station

Distributed Energy Storage – Good for Business, Good for the Grid, Good for the Planet

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Our approach enables networks to capitalise on market opportunities, drastically reducing electricity expenses and generating new revenue streams.