Distribution policy and Dividend

According to Elisa’s distribution policy, profit distribution is 80–100 per cent of the previous fiscal year’s net profit. In addition, any excess capital can be distributed to shareholders. When making the distribution proposal or decision, the Board of Directors will take into consideration the company's financial position, future financial needs and financial targets. Profit distribution includes dividend payment, capital repayment and purchase of treasury shares.


Expiry period of dividends and capital repayments is three (3) years since the 1 July 2007 alteration of the Companies Act. Prior dividends are already expired.

Change of address for shareholders

Shareholders of Elisa are requested to send a written notice of any change of address to the bank where their book-entry account is held. The notice must include the shareholders name, new address and old address, and book-enry account number.

Changes in withholding taxation of dividends

Changes in the withholding taxation of dividends paid to holders of nominee registered shares entered into force 2021. More information on our FAQ.

YearCompanyDividend or Capital RepaymentRecord DateDate of PaymentTaxation Value of Share
2022ElisaDividend EUR 2.15 per share11.4.202319.4.2023 
2021ElisaDividend EUR 2.05 per share8.4.202220.4.2022 
2020ElisaDividend EUR 1.95 per share 12.4.202120.4.2021
2019ElisaDividend EUR 1.85 per share6.4.202015.4.2020 
2018ElisaDividend EUR 1.75 per share5.4.201916.4.2019 
2017ElisaDividend EUR 1.65 per share16.4.201824.4.2018 
2016ElisaDividend EUR 1.50 per share10.4.201719.4.2017 
2015ElisaDividend EUR 1.40 per share4.4.201612.4.2016 
2014ElisaDividend EUR 1.32 per share30.3.20158.4.2015 
2013ElisaDividend EUR 1.30 per share7.4.201415.4.2014 
2012ElisaDividend EUR 1.30 per share28.3.20139.4.2013 
2011ElisaDividend EUR 1.30 per share11.4.201218.4.2012 
2010ElisaAn extra dividend of EUR 0.40 per share26.10.20112.11.2011 
2010ElisaDividend EUR 0.90 per share30.3.20117.4.2011-
2009ElisaAn extra dividend of EUR 0.50 per share27.10.20103.11.2010-
2009ElisaCapital repayment EUR 0.92 per share23.3.201031.3.2010-
2008ElisaCapital repayment EUR 0.40 per share28.10.20096.11.2009.
2008ElisaDividend EUR 0.60 per share 23.3.200931.3.2009-
2007ElisaCapital repayment EUR 1.80 per share25.3.20081.4.2008 -
2006ElisaAn extra dividend of EUR 1.00 per share18.10.200725.10.2007-
2006ElisaDividend EUR 0.50 per share + extra dividend of EUR 1.00 per share22.3.200729.3.2007-


ElisaDividend EUR 0.70 per share



EUR 10.93



An extra dividend of EUR 0.40 per share.



EUR 8.33



Dividend EUR 0.40 per share.


24.3.2005EUR 8.33



As the earnings per share was EUR -0.12 Elisa Corporation does not pay dividend for the year 2003.


 - EUR 7.56


Elisa Communications Corporation
As the earnings per share was EUR -0.54 Elisa Communications Corporation does not pay dividend for the year 2002..- - EUR 4.13


Elisa Communications CorporationAs the earnings per share was EUR 0.01 Elisa Communications Corporation does not pay dividend for the year 2001.- - EUR 9.73 - FIM 57.85


Elisa Communications Corporation

Dividend EUR 0.07 per A share

 25.4.2001 3.5.2001EUR 16.10 - FIM 95.73


HPY Holding Corp.

FIM 1.20 per  A share

20.4.2000 20.4.2000EUR 25.20 - FIM 149.83
1999Helsinki Telephone Corp.FIM 2.60 per E share20.4.200020.4.2000EUR 56.79 - FIM 337.66
1998Telephone Cooperative HPYInterest on cooperative capital for members. FIM 230/membership-11.5.1999Taxation value of Membership Certificate FIM 11,900
1998Helsinki Telephone Corp.FIM 2.5013.4.199920.4.1999FIM 210
1997Helsinki Telephone Corp.FIM 1.307.4.199815.4.1998-