Frequently asked questions about Elisa share

Where can I get information about my shares?

  • Euroclear maintains Elisa's statutory, up-to-date shareholder register. Euroclear's shareholder surveys, tel. +358 20 770 6539.
  • For information on existing (Elisa) shares and share history (purchases, sales), you can contact your book-entry account manager (typically a bank).
  • For enquiries about Kymen Puhelin and Telekarelia shares, please contact osakekyselyt@elisa.fi

Additional information about shares of companies merged into Elisa on our website (in Finnish) 

Information on changes in withholding taxation of dividends:

Changes in the withholding taxation of dividends paid to holders of nominee registered shares entered into force 2021. 

In practice, this means that as a starting point, withholding tax of 35% will be withheld from dividend payments made on nominee registered shares. In certain situations where your custodian is registered with the Finnish Tax Administration, the withholding may also be smaller. 

Any tax withheld in excess can be reclaimed after the year of the dividend payment by submitting a refund application to the Finnish Tax Administration, either on paper (form for corporate entities here, and for individuals here), or electronically (pending updates).

You may also be able to receive a refund already during the year of dividend payment via your registered custodian. Please contact your custodian for further information.

Additional information on withholding tax reclaims can be obtained from the Tax Administration either:

Please note that Elisa does not process withholding tax reclaims.

Dividends paid to Finnish tax resident holders of nominee registered shares may as of 2020 have been subject to withholding of 50% tax prepayment (ennakonpidätys). Any excess tax prepayment will be credited in the normal tax assessment process where the shareholder reports their dividend income to the Finnish Tax Administration.

When will Elisa pay dividend to its shareholders?
Please see our Distribution Policy and Dividend site

Why have I not received Elisa's dividend?
Dividends are paid automatically in the book-entry system. If you have not received dividend, you may ask your book-entry account registrar (usually the account is in a bank), if you have sold the shares, or if the bank account has changed.

When will dividends be paid for shares exchanged after a merger (for instance, Telekarelia or Kymen Puhelin shares)?
Shares exchanged afterwards and dividends to be paid for them for past financial periods will be handled through the custodian, i.e. the account operator, for each shareholder.

The account operator will seek the payment of dividends for past financial periods that are valid for paying dividends by making a balance request. According to the schedule of Euroclear Finland, this can be done during the month following the share exchange registered afterwards.

The issuer’s payment forwarding bank will deliver the balances to account operators to be further paid to custody clients once a month, during the first month after the share exchange at the earliest.

Due to the schedules of the different account operators, the entire process may take several weeks.

Dividends will expire three years after the due date, i.e. the first day on which the dividend can be withdrawn. Unpaid dividends older than this cannot be obtained any more.

How can I sell my Elisa shares? 
Your book-entry account registrar (usually the account is in a bank) may sell your shares. The registrar gives your further guidance of the required documents.

What is the tax of selling shares?
Please see the Tax Administration website for further information. https://www.vero.fi/en/individuals/property/investments/selling-shares/

The actual purchase price or deemed acquisition cost of shares or the Membership Certificate can be deducted from the sale price of the shares. The deemed acquisition cost is 20% of the sale price of the shares or the Membership Certificate in case the ownership has lasted for less than 10 years, and 40% of the sale price if the ownership has lasted 10 years or more, including the date of selling the shares. 

What were the purchase prices of Helsinki Telephone Association's Membership Certificate*?

1 Jan 1966  FIM 1200  i.e. EUR 201,83 or EUR 1,35 /current share
1 Dec 1971 FIM 1500 i.e. EUR 252,28 or EUR 1,68 /current share
28 Nov 1973 FIM 1850 i.e. EUR 311,15 or EUR 2,07 /current share
27 Nov 1974 FIM 2250 i.e. EUR 378,42 or EUR 2,52 /current share
25 Nov 1975 FIM 2750 i.e. EUR 462,52 or EUR 3,08 /current share
1 Dec 1981 FIM 3650 i.e. EUR 613,89 or EUR 4,09 /current share
27 Nov 1985 FIM 4250 i.e. EUR 714,80 or EUR 4,77 /current share
26 Nov 1986 FIM 4700 i.e. EUR 790,48 or EUR 5,27 /current share
2 Apr 1991 FIM 5500 i.e. EUR 925,03 or EUR 6,17 /current share

* Membership Certificate equals 150 Elisa shares

No new Membership Certificates have been issued since January 1998.

How can I find out the share price for estate inventory?
You can search for the price of one (1) Elisa share for a specific day using our price history search tool: https://elisa.com/corporate/investors/share-tools/price-history-search/

What is the taxable value of an Elisa share? The taxable value of an Elisa share in the 2005 tax return is EUR 10.93. In the year 2004 taxation the taxable value was EUR 8.33. In the beginning of 2006 the property tax was discontinued.

What is my book-entry accounts' number? In which book-entry account is my Elisa shares? Who should I inform if I have a new book-entry account or bank account?
Elisa does not know its shareholders' book-entry account or bank account numbers (banking secrecy). Your book-entry account registrar has the information. E.g. dividends are paid automatically in the book-entry system.

The book-entry accounts registrars send its customers yearly a statement of the account (account number, administrated shares, and current value).

Are Elisa's shares in the book-entry system? Shares can be transferred to book-entry account. When does the transfer's possibility end?
All Elisa's shares are in the book-entry system.

Additional information about shares of companies merged into Elisa on our website (in Finnish) ›

What is a book-entry system and a book-entry account?
Book-entry is a system of tracking ownership of securities (e.g. shares). Shares can be sold and purchased in the system. In Finland the system is administered by Euroclear Finland.

Book-entry account is an account having the shareholder's shares in an electronic form. The account can be in a bank or in another registrar.

Why the Customer Account Services at the Finnish Central Securities Depository (Euroclear) were terminated on 28 February 2019? Finnish Central Securities Depository’s Customer Account Services is discontinued due to a change in the Finnish law on the book-entry system and securities settlement.

As a consequence, those investors who had a book-entry account directly at the Finnish Central Securities Depository had to transfer their account to another account operator, such as a Finnish commercial bank.

The Finnish Central Securities Depository Euroclear Finland sent a letter to those investors expected to take an action. The transfer of the account could only be performed by the receiving bank upon a request from the investor.

If you have any further enquiries about the transfer of your book-entry account, please contact a Finnish commercial bank offering account operator services in Finland. More information can also be found at http://www.euroclear.com/atp-en  

I have some Elisa shares in my possession. Where can I change my address?
You can change your address by informing your book-entry account registrar, e.g. your bank, which will then forward your new details to the book-entry register.

Do you have any speculations about Elisa's share performance?
The company cannot speculate its share performance. Our task is to take care that through our management, decision-making and our own operative actions we see to that investors want to invest in our shares in the future too. Contact data of a number of investment analysts monitoring Elisa is posted on our website and you can consult these analysts for their opinion of the market situation.

What will happen to my fixed telephone subscription if I sell my shares?
Helsinki Telephone Association's Membership Certificate and membership subscription were completely separated from each other with effect from 1 September 1998. At the same time, a Membership Subscription changed into a Basic Subscription. This meant that the Membership Certificate, and later Elisa's shares, could be sold without this having any effect on the subscription's basic charges and operations. The sale of shares has no effect on the fixed telephone subscriptions of other companies merged with Elisa either.

What happens to my shares if I cancel my fixed telephone subscription?
Share ownership and subscriptions are separate from each other, and terminating a fixed telephone subscription has no effect on share ownership.