Welcome to Elisa's website for our suppliers

Here you will find all the relevant information, links and guidance that will help you to get onboard the Elisa supplier ecosystem as well as improve the ongoing operational relationship.

Elisa as a partner

You will be working with a leading telecom operator that focuses on sustainability, efficiency, simplicity and clarity for the benefit of both Elisa and its suppliers.

In the spirit of automation and digitalisation, Elisa avails of digital solutions for sourcing (e-RFIs, RFPs and RFQs) and vendor management, e-signature, electronic POs and Payments, and other procurement related cycles. We also provide access to supply chain financing.

We aim to ensure that the usage of the tools and processes required by Elisa will be at no cost to the supplier.  You, as our valued supplier, will control your company's information on our systems.

Collaboration to build success

The relationships we have with our suppliers are critical to the success of our business. How we engage and collaborate with our partners is governed by values of trust, dependability and an ability to seamlessly align your products and services to our growth strategies. 

We would like our suppliers to work with us to make both of us better and more competitive in our Industry. This will build strong relationships, create greater value and increase innovation that benefits all parties. 

Just as we measure our customer satisfaction with our products and services, we also measure the satisfaction of our suppliers with Elisa as a customer. 

Pioneer in sustainability

Elisa's mission is a sustainable future through digitalisation. We are continuously developing our operations in partnership with supply chain actors to ensure responsible and sustainable development.

Collaboration and shared goals with actors in the supply chain are crucial in achieving Elisa's Zero Emissions 2040 target. Cooperation with actors in the supply chain is already at a good level, as demonstrated by the CDP Supplier Engagement Leader award Elisa received in March. Among more than 15,000 companies reporting to CDP, Elisa ranked in the top 8% when assessing supply chain engagement related to climate change.