Economic sustainability

We intensify innovation and drive sustainable value creation

By operating in a responsible and profitable manner, we provide value for Finnish and Estonian society in many ways. Investments, employment, the taxes paid and the dividends we pay to our owners, as well as payments to our partners, increase financial wellbeing. Our long-term and consistent strategy aims at enabling sustainable business for our stakeholders also in the future. 

As a responsible company, taking care of the financial profitability and competitiveness of our operations is important to us, as it is the only way to guarantee continuous development of our services and network, as well as to employ thousands of competent employees together with our partner network. A key part of Elisa’s revenue goes back to society in the form of investments, salaries, taxes, dividends paid to our owners and payments made to our partner network. We also participate in the persistent development of society through our active research and startup cooperation.

Elisa Economic Sustainability in brief

Material topics

We intensify innovation and drive sustainable value creation

  • Contributing value to society
  • Investing in building digital society
  • Safeguarding functioning society 
  • Cooperating with startups and in research
  • See also Elisa's Sustainability Financing

    Risk Management

    Policies and Guidelines

    Governance bodies

    Finance and procurement

    • Board of Directors > Board of Directors Audit Committee > Corporate Executive Board > Finance
    Startups and research cooperation
    • Elisa Executive Board > Production > Business Development

    Employee awareness

    • Key instructions, policies and procedures are available to the personnel on the company’s intranet. In addition, regular information and training are provided to the financial organisation, particularly regarding any changes in accounting, reporting and disclosure requirements.

    Focus areas

    Significant taxpayer

    By paying taxes and other public levies, we participate in the development of society. We are one of Finland’s largest payers of corporate income tax. 

    Tax information from Elisa's subsidiaries and operations is collected annually as part of the financial reporting process. It is used to calculate Elisa's annual tax footprint.

    Largest operator investor

    We build and maintain a comprehensive communications network in our main market areas in Finland and Estonia. We are the most significant operator investor in Finland by our capital expenditure investments of nearly EUR 200 million.  

    Our capital investments are allocated directly to the development of the data communications infrastructure, the landline trunk network, IT systems and customer terminal equipment. We also invest in digital services in our local markets and in internationally. 

    Finnish cultural content

    We are one of the most important producers, financiers and distributors of Finnish TV series. Our calculated cultural handprint amounts to some EUR 40 million1) 

    Elisa Viihde publishes original Finnish series, which have received several international awards and have been sold to dozens of countries. Elisa Viihde Viaplay

    1) including direct content purchases, mainly from Finnish parties, and payments to producers, authors and copyright organisations

    International research and startup cooperation

    We believe that successful and sustainable services and digital society can be built through collaboration between startups and academia. 

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