Governance of environmental sustainability

We manage environmental sustainability related issues through a governance model that ensures compliant, efficient, and timely decision-making, with a strategic commitment to sustainability from top management and business levels, which is in line with stakeholder expectations and business requirements. 

Oversight of environmental sustainability by the Board of Directors

We describe the board's oversight of climate and nature related dependencies, impacts, risks & opportunities, as recommended in TCFD. 

Our sustainability-related work during Elisa’s strategy periods integrates our mission at many levels and is approved by the Board of Directors. 

Elisa’s climate strategy, progress and performance are examined regularly at the Board of Directors level. Climate work within the organisation shows good continuity and proceeds in line with the scenarios presented to the Board of Directors in 2020. Energy markets and pricing, regulation, climate scenarios and emissions, as well as Elisa's electricity consumption and purchasing needs, are reviewed regularly in both the Environment & Energy Working Group (EEWG) and the Energy Market Steering Team. 

We plan to gradually increase oversight of biodiversity-related issues of Elisa’s operation. 

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Management’s role in environmental sustainability

We describe management's role in assessing and managing climate and nature related dependencies, impacts, risks, and opportunities, as recommended in TCFD. 

Executive Vice President, Communications and Sustainability, a member of Elisa's Corporate Executive Board and reporting to the CEO, is the highest person with responsibility for sustainability issues at the Elisa level. 

The Corporate Responsibility Director is responsible for managing responsibility and sustainability operations, including environmental sustainability related policies and decisions. These and other climate and nature related key issues are supervised by the Corporate Responsibility Management Group and the Environment & Energy Working Group, which have representatives from both business units and support functions. Reporting and performance disclosure are managed by the Corporate Responsibility Managers and Experts. 

Environmental sustainability related performance and action plans are reviewed and agreed at all three levels: firstly, by the Corporate Responsibility Management Board, secondly by the Corporate Executive Board and, in specific cases, lastly by the Board of Directors Audit Committee. 

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