Planning and preparing for power shortages

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If electricity production and imports in Finland are insufficient to cover consumption in the winter, the distribution of electricity may need to be restricted, which could result in two-hour regional power cuts.

Effects of regional power cuts on Elisa’s services

Elisa is prepared for disturbances: critical items have been secured, and in case of a power outage, we would optimise our network capacity. However, a longer regional power cut would still have some effects on Elisa’s networks and services.

During such a power outage, voice calls and text messages would go through as normal. However, data traffic may experience slowdowns or unavailability during a power cut. Customer service contact points could also become busier than normal.

How to prepare for a power outage

  • Follow bulletins from the authorities and electricity suppliers.
  • Prepare in advance by keeping your devices and power banks charged up.
  • Avoid unnecessary use of your phone during the power cut, including voice calls and text messages.
  • Note that during a power outage, data connections could be very slow and congested, or be completely unavailable.
  • Plan your critical online activities (e.g. banking) around times when power cuts are unlikely.
  • If you receive advance notice of a power cut, disconnect sensitive electronic devices from the network before the power cut begins.
  • Remember that any power cuts will be localised and last a maximum of two hours. After this, services will return to normal functionality.