Energy efficiency in Elisa

Improving energy efficiency has been part of Elisa's strategy since 2009.
We participate in energy saving measures in many different ways in Finland and Estonia.

In accordance with our mission "A sustainable future through digitalisation", Elisa influences our society with its services. Climate change has guided Elisa’s long-term environmental sustainability work that focuses on energy efficiency.

We benefit stakeholders by decreasing negative and increasing positive environmental impacts for us and our customers. The largest environmental impact of Elisa comes from an increasing energy demand. Acting according to our mission here means that Elisa invests in network technologies that offer an even better customer experience, while improving energy efficiency and being environmentally friendly, also by using carbon-free energy and creating awareness around reducing energy consumption.

Our energy efficiency measures are guided by Elisa's Energy Policy (describes our energy commitments), and Elisa’s ISO 50001 compliant energy management system (describes our way of constantly improving energy efficiency and management thereof). Our working group dealing with energy issues meets regularly and monitors the achievement of goals, analyses risks and opportunities, and supports continuous development.

Energy efficient network

Since 2016, we have improved energy efficiency in our Finnish mobile network by 73 percent. Although modern 5G technology is much more energy efficient than earlier network generations, the increase in the amount of data will increase the use of electricity.

Abandoning outdated connection technologies improves the energy efficiency of the mobile network promoting sustainable development. Elisa’s 3G network was fully phased out at the end of 2023. We continue to improve energy efficiency, for example by further optimising 5G.

We automatically optimise the capacity of the mobile network during quiet use, further reducing energy consumption.

The energy efficiency of Elisa's mobile network is measured by the ratio between the energy supplied (kWh) and the service produced (GB).

Carbon-free energy only

Elisa uses 100% carbon-free electricity in Finland and Estonia, also for producing mobile data services. In order to increase the availability of renewable energy, we have entered into a ten-year agreement to produce our own wind power starting in 2023, which will cover half of the electricity needed by Elisa's entire mobile network in Finland.

Utilising waste heat

Did you know that homes in Espoo and Helsinki are heated with waste heat from Elisa's data centers.

Utilising the waste heat of data centers reduces the carbon footprint and replaces fossil fuels for the production of district heat. The latest is that the energy efficiency of our Pasila data center is also improved in cooperation with Helen, so that it becomes environmentally positive, i.e. the data center reduces global emissions.

The district cooling used in Elisa's data centers is 100% renewable.

Solutions that save energy

The use of electricity forms a significant part of the environmental footprint of digitalisation. Elisa has long-term expertise in improving energy efficiency and we can offer our customers sustainable digital services.

Elisa's services can help our customers reduce their own environmental impact, e.g. by avoiding travel or by extending the life cycle of devices.

According to the GSMA's estimate, operators' services can have ten times the handprint (help reduce customers' carbon emissions) compared to the footprint they cause (carbon emissions).

Elisa has developed e.g. the IES (Intelligent Energy Saver) machine learning solution, which reduces the energy use of the telecom operators' network by 14 percent, and correspondingly also the emissions.

Tips for our customers

Recycle your old equipment correctly. Many Finns have discarded electronics at home, and recycling saves nature and energy.

Prefer laptops. Did you know that older desktop computers use up to 80 percent more electricity than laptops?


Saving energy is now more important than ever. That is why we have made several additional measures in our Finnish and Estonian stores and offices related to digital displays, lighting and temperature.

Everyone can influence energy consumption through their own activities!

Knit Elisa wool socks to warm your feet

When the weather gets cold, it's wonderful to put on wool socks to warm your toes. With this pattern (in Finnish), you can knit woolen socks for yourself and your loved ones, decorated with the Elisa logo. The yarn is Novita 7 Veljestä in shades 011 white and 136 lobelia, one ball of each colour.


How does the rise in energy prices affect Elisa and Elisa's services?

For a long time, Elisa has used protection mechanisms in its electricity purchase contracts that protect against price increases. From 2023, Elisa's wind power agreement will cover half of the electricity needed by Elisa's entire mobile network in Finland. However, we are not completely immune to price changes.

How does a power shortage affect communication networks?

In Finland, the energy sector and the authorities have prepared actions in case of a possible power shortage. Communication networks require electricity to operate, so disruptions in electricity distribution are also reflected in communication networks and services.