Seniors and digitalisation

Our society is digitalising at a dizzying pace. Elisa's mission is a sustainable future through digitalisation. We want to provide easy-to-use and secure services for everyone.  It is important to us that our customers of all ages feel that our services function well and make their everyday lives easier. We actively cooperate with various senior citizens' organisations to continuously develop our services and better understand our customers' needs.

Easy to use and get things done

It is important to us that our services and contact channels are accessible and easy to use. We take people of different ages into account in designing our services and in providing the most convenient ways for all kinds of people to use them, whether in-store, over the phone or through our self-service. Our operations are guided by Elisa's values, Code of Conduct  and sales rules.

Collaboration with senior citizens' organisations

We work closely with Finland's largest senior citizens' organisations (Enter ry, Mukanetti ry, Joen Severi ry and Savonetti ry) to develop the way Elisa engages with older people.

In addition, we have worked with Enter ry to arrange training for our staff in customer encounters, for example, as well as an annual customer advice day at the customer advice day at the City of Helsinki's Kamppi Service Centre.

We have also organised various events for seniors around Finland in cooperation with with VALLI ry, an association working to promote a better life and local services for older people.

Safe and secure services

We have paid particular attention to our practices to better serve our older customers.  We constantly train our staff in how to behave in encounters with customers of different ages.

It is important that we make sure that our customers’ issues are resolved and that they know what they are buying.

“Digi days” for senior citizens

Elisa's stores are an important place for many older people, where they can get advice and help, and try out devices in a hands-on way.

We have also organised events tailored for seniors in our stores as well as visits from seniors' associations.

These meetings are a valuable opportunity to discuss the ideas and needs that older people have about purchasing and using smart devices.

Elisa experts also available to help you at home

Elisa’s experts are trained in encounters with customers of all ages. Our Omaguru service is available over the phone and in our stores.

Some problems are best solved on the spot. Our nationwide home support service covers home IT installations, troubleshooting and user training to suit your needs.