Elisa's over 140-year history is characterised by looking for something new and by challenging the prevailing approaches. From the start we have been in the frontline in developing technology and innovative services to benefit our customers. 

We operate in an industry where the services of the future are built through continuous development, innovation and cooperation between stakeholders in different fields.

Harnessing data to find lasting value

Collecting data and processing it using analytics, AI and automation creates better insights, quality and efficiency, with huge potential for data-heavy operations. Our international software businesses, Elisa IndustrIQ and Elisa Polystar pave the way.

5G pioneer

Elisa was among the first in the world to introduce 3G and 4G networks to Finns.

Now it is turn for the 5G.

Innovations with startups

Startup collaboration is in the core of our businesses. We have over 100 partnerships and have achieved excellent results also internationally.

Awarded quality work

Improving customer experience and quality is in the core of Elisa's strategy. Systematic quality work has been part of Elisa's history, and for the past ten years operations have been developed towards excellence. Elisa has been awarded with the EFQM certificate and the Finnish Excellence Award.

HPY Research Foundation

Through the HPY Research Foundation, we support scientific research, teaching and development work in telecommunications technology, telecommunications and data communications.