Our actions

Sustainability requires action. On these pages, we introduce our journey towards Elisa’s sustainability targets based on our vision and on our actions to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Circular Economy

Elisa is one of Finland's largest telephone retailers. We want to increase sales of used and refurbished phones.

By recycling your phone, you can reduce your own carbon footprint. It is important to make sure you recycle your old appliance responsibly. We encourage the circular economy by providing services for this.

Digital Trust

Digital security affects everyone. In everyday life, we face situations where securing our own information and ensuring that our family can be safe online is something that we need to consider.

At Elisa, we are constantly working to ensure that the network we maintain and the services we provide are safe to use. We also want to raise awareness of how you can use networks and services more safely.


Accessibility is an important part of Elisa’s mission: a sustainable future through digitalisation. Accessibility is an issue of equality and the right to equal treatment. 

Accessibility is visible in Elisa’s services above all in the way the user experience is easy and painless for all users. A good user experience stems as much from the service having solid technical foundations as from the appearance and content. The goal is to make Elisa’s digital services easy for everyone to use.