We work actively with universities and students. We provide students with various summer jobs and twice a year graduates can apply for the Elisa Talent Program.

The summer job of your dreams at Elisa

We offer interesting summer jobs in different parts of Finland. A summer job at Elisa gives you the chance to know a company providing services that influence the lives of all Finns. Our summer jobs have been very popular; many return for the next summer, and some continue their career as full time Elisa employees. 

We employ mostly students for summer jobs. The positions are specially suited for technology, business and law students. 

We announce our summer jobs at the beginning of each year. If you are interested, you can leave an open application for a summer job on our pages.

Preparing a thesis and work training provide valuable experience

Preparing your thesis at Elisa is an efficient way to acquaint yourself with the company and our line of business already during your studies. If you feel the topic of your thesis is fresh, innovative and valuable for us - and most importantly, interesting for yourself, please contact our recruitment and tell us your idea. Preparing theses at Elisa always depends also on our needs, so unfortunately we can't offer the possibility to make a thesis with us for everyone.

For trainees we always provide work-oriented expert guidance. The length of work training periods vary from few months up to a year.

We announce the available trainee positions on our pages. You can show your interest in making a thesis or work training by sending email to rekrytointi@elisa.fi.