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Elisa as an employer

Modern pioneer of flexible work

Elisa's success is based on the work input and well-being of our skilled staff and their capacity to evolve. We provide our staff with a workplace that encourages continuous renewal, as well as modern tools and flexible ways of working:

Pioneer in flexible work: Clear goals, modern tools and flexible work increase the meaningfulness and productivity of work. They also save time, money and the environment. Almost 90 per cent of Elisa's senior professional employees telecommute regularly at least one day a week.
Results through staff well-being: We pay attention to well-being at work and promote the balance between work and leisure time. We support the physical exercise and recreational activities of our staff. We provide high quality occupational healthcare, active regional recreational activities and sports and culture group activities. We support our employees' capability to work by early intervention and rehabilitation methods that support  work, thus ensuring a long work career.
Meaningful work: The daily work of each Elisa employee has a direct effect on the everyday life of Finns.
Opportunities for development and growth: Interesting challenges and a good working environment enable personal development and the expansion of personal professional competence. We provide opportunities to extend competence by learning-on-the-job and active job rotation.