Mobile Ethernet 2.0 has solved many tricky situations

It is not always viable, or even possible, to build a fibre connection. In those situations, Elisa’s Mobile Ethernet 2.0 service saves the day.

GlobalConnect is a Nordic fibre provider and data centre operator, which has been using Elisa’s Mobile Ethernet solution in challenging locations for a long time. Mobile Ethernet 2.0 extends the availability of Ethernet services to places and situations where fibre is not an option.

“Elisa Mobile Ethernet has saved us in difficult situations on several occasions”, says Jari Ihalainen, Key Account Manager at GlobalConnect.

For mines, ports and construction sites

“It is not always feasible – or even possible – to build fibre networks for business customers in every location. Mines and ports are examples of areas where fibre networks aren’t suitable”, Ihalainen explains.

However, companies still need to move their data quickly and services need to work regardless of location, for example in a mine in the wilderness.

“Elisa’s Mobile Ethernet has saved the business of several of our customers by getting them connected wherever Elisa’s mobile network has coverage”, says Ihalainen.

Mobile Ethernet 2.0 can be installed either as a fixed connection at the customer's premises or as a mobile unit in a standard shipping container. The capacity of the connection scales according to the customer's needs.

"One of our customers takes their container providing wireless connectivity with them to each new site, providing guaranteed connectivity for their services”, Ihalainen relates.

Mobile Ethernet has multiple different uses

GlobalConnect uses Elisa’s Mobile Ethernet service in a variety of ways in its business.

“For example, if for some reason, the fibre connection is delayed or a customer needs a fibre connection faster than we can build it, we provide them with a Mobile Ethernet 2.0 connection, and they can get their business up and running immediately”, says Ihalainen.

GlobalConnect maintains a stock of ready-to-install Eliisa Mobile Ethernet 2.0 products, which can be used in the event of longer-term failures.

“In a serious failure situation – for example, if an excavator damages a fibre cable running into the business and cuts off the Ethernet – we will quickly supply an Elisa Mobile Ethernet 2.0 connection. This allows our customers to keep doing business almost as usual”, explains Ihalainen.

Elisa Mobile Ethernet 2.0 can also be used as a backup connection in situations where a 100 Mbit/s backup connection is sufficient.

“Now that Mobile Ethernet runs over 5G, it is a viable and cost-effective solution as a backup connection for more businesses.”

The Mobile Ethernet 2.0 service is covered by Elisa’s proactive fault repair, which allows Elisa to monitor the status of the terminal and automatically initiate fault repair actions. Customers, such as GlobalConnect, can view the status and availability of the Mobile Ethernet interface, as well as any fault tickets, through the customer portal.

“I’m really satisfied with Elisa’s expertise, flexibility and reliability of delivery”

GlobalConnect has relied on Elisa’s operator services, expertise and flexible service for years.

“Mobile Ethernet has excellent coverage and availability, as Elisa’s mobile network is the best in Finland. I do a lot of camping and hunting myself, and I have found that Elisa’s network is the one that works best out in the wilds.”

GlobalConnect is also happy to pilot products together with Elisa. Mobile Ethernet is one of Elisa’s carrier products, and GlobalConnect is the first to use it.

“I’m really satisfied with Elisa’s expertise, flexibility and reliability of delivery. If Elisa make a promise, they deliver. On one occasion, Elisa even corrected a mistake that we made, when they could have kept quiet and taken the money”, enthuses Ihalainen.