Working at Elisa, you can be who you are – the best version of you. At Elisa, we work every day to build a sustainable future for millions of people by creating important digital solutions for communicating, working, getting things done and relaxing. For you to engage in pioneering work like this it requires us to take care of the best possible environment for experimenting, developing and flourishing – as well as for making mistakes and learning.

Open positions

We are currently looking for people for these vacancies. Please note that vacancies published in Finnish require fluency in the Finnish language.

This is what we guarantee so that you can be the best version of yourself

  • Gateway to a learning community

    The best expertise in the sector comes from experience – through inspiration and from learning new things. At Elisa continuous learning is one of our strongest trademarks and visible in numerous different ways.

  • Managers who give their all

    They are here to support you every day just when you need them. Our managers/team leaders/superiors portray our culture: caring, sharing and their own selves. They give their all so that you can grow and flourish.

  • Solutions for fellow humans

    We do our work so that our 2.8 million customers can get things done easily using the best digital solutions – all the while supporting a sustainable future. Our mission is something that we can all proudly stand behind.

At Elisa you are who you are

Diversity, equity and inclusion are important to us in in terms of both our personnel and customer interaction. With actions we promote equality so all our employees can feel that they are safe, heard, and treated fairly and respectfully. We have taken several steps to promote equal working culture. For example, we have introduced gender-neutral job titles and developed our recruitment practices to make them more equitable.

“Elisa's coaching leadership has given me more faith in my own abilities. The bar has been set high on me because everyone trusts that I can succeed.”

- Venla Hänninen, Service Manager

Working in software or IT?

Startup projects, software development, network optimisation, automation projects, cyber security, design… And over 500 colleagues who have created the Elisa Viihde streaming service and Elisa Kirja e-books with their own hands, along with many other great ideas that are waiting to see the light of day. And a working culture that has been praised for excellent work-life balance and people rarely feeling rushed.

Find out more about our culture of learning and experimentation

Find out more about what Elisians do in their day to day work. What does good leadership mean for us every day? What can you benefit from the fact that with us you can be your best self, develop as a person and experiment continuously? How do we manage to make the lives of our 2.8 million customers better?

  • Antti’s leadership promise

    “I take care and enable a diverse environment where my team members can make their own decisions and work towards a common goal.”

  • Elisa plays a vital role in keeping society functioning smoothly

    Riku Juurikko changed from his role as a cybersecurity consultant to become Senior Security Manager at Elisa.

  • Service design at Elisa

    Reetta does work for customers including large companies, government organisations and city administrations.