Environmental responsibility

Our energy-efficient services lower the carbon footprint of both Elisa and our customers.

In our business operations we have identified both positive and negative impacts to the environment. We are committed to continuously improve the impacts of our business and promote environmentally sustainable operations.

The products and services of the ICT business play a significant role in reducing the global carbon footprint. Globally they can enable 20 per cent emission eductions by 2030. To be able to reduce the CO2 emissions of other industries as well, the ICT business has to manage the environmental impact of its own operations.

Elisa wants to participate in creating a society with low carbon emissions. For us, environmental responsibility requires, above all, long-term and transparent operations to prevent climate change. Curbing emissions has been a part of our strategy since 2009. We monitor our objectives every six months through the CO2 emission savings scorecard.

See our Corporate Responsibility Report how we support our customers in reducing their carbon footprint and about the measures we have taken in our own carbon emissions.

We report our carbon footprint annually in the CDP questionnaire. In the CDP Nordic Climate Change 2016 report, Elisa's climate reporting   received a score of B as the average score for Nordic companies was C. Elisa's climate report for investors and global markets has been annually rated among the best of Nordic telecom companies.

We are member of the ICT Producer Co-operative and make sure in our part that used electronical devices are recycled. ICT Producer Co-operative. Elisa shops have Data SER collection containers in which devices and batteries can be left for recycling and disposal in a safe manner.